Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Delays, Delays and more Delays. I SAID MOAR!!!

Yeah, lots of delays and lack of posting, we know.  But... we have legit excuses.

Sorta.  Well.. Green Feevah does.  He is in the midst of a big change in his life and shall be moving... closer to me!  That means the possibility of battle reports both in text and video format!  But only fully painted.  Not fully painted battle reports suck.

I work in grocery and it's Christmas time.  So, hence, I am busy as hell trying to coordinate staff and making sure customers are happy and making sure all my giant orders are ready.  The joys of this time of year.

We're still here though!  Green has a whole bunch of new stuff!  I've been painting up my Silver Skulls and played 4 games in our escalation league with them, going a better then I thought I would 1-2-1.  Not bad considering it's me playing vanilla marines for basically the first time.   We're moving onto 1500 now and I am painting up some drop pods, sternguard and a few bits and bobs for my army.  I really should take a picture.

But keep checking back!  I am trying to think of something come 2012 to really reinvigorate the blog.  Another army in a month or something.  :)