Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

I'll roll your balls!

Wait... that didn't come out right.  Awkward.

Greetings all.  I am Wallshammer and until I get better pictures of my stuff I refuse to post them.  Boo me?  BOO YOU!

I, unlike Green Feevah!, am not known for any one specific army but rather for having complete hobby ADD and collecting anything I see.  Therefore I have a troubling amount of stuff and a number of armies that will seemingly never be done.    However, let's recap some current events.  Right now I am working on a 1250pt Beastmen list for a doubles fantasy tournament in September.   Simple army really: three casters, three chariots, unit of gor, ungor raiders, razorgor.  It's coming along nicely thanks to a "One Thing A Week" Challenge we are participating in on the local gaming groups forum.   After that it's onto my wedding and honeymoon (BONUS!) and then when I return, a 40k escalation league.  What am I going to play? We'll leave that discussion for another post.  I do rock a fair amount of painted armies though.  I have a giant Imperial Guard army for 40k, reaching past 7k.   I have a good 3k Empire painted (thank you fantasy escalation league!).   I also have a fair amount of daemons done for 40k, reaching to 3k.  I played them last year in a couple tournaments, winning a best sports and a best painted in two different events.

As you can almost instantly tell I do indeed do a bit more of a playing scene then Green Feevah! at the moment. I don't mind "competitive/tournament" play given the right situation.  I will never play without sports and painting scores so don't expect me at the local Ard Boyz or Throne of Skulls.  Painting and good table manners are AS important as the gaming aspect in this hobby.  No tournament should ever be without them or they are simply not representing the Warhammer game at all.  You'll hear us moan about this quite a bit.  It's a very strong point with the two of us: game vs hobby.  Hobby always wins.  That's probably why I never get to top table but win the sports and painting awards!

I will try and find a better solution to my picture taking woes and post some WIP of my Beastmen.  If not, perhaps just post what I have.

Oh and tell your friends about us!

Getting the Ball Rolling

First up to bat, the army I'm most known for: My Biel-Tan Eldar.

Game-wise there's not much to this army.  It's one of every Aspect Warrior Squad, though 4 Squads of Dire Avengers for Troops, a Farseer and an Avatar.  When I scale the army up for Apocalypse games, I add a bunch of Skimmers.  But the main army is foot-based.  Which means nowadays it doesn't do very well on the table.

I've been playing for a very long time now, back before the 40k was known as a 'parking lot' game.  Meaning a time where the entire table wasn't littered with transports and tanks.  And while most of these models are their most current incarnations, my original Eldar army was all Rogue Trader era models.  However, I sold and traded the old models away to fund the new ones.

So here's a teaser, with the rest after the break:

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Welcome to Hobby At All Costs!

Over the next few days, Wallshammer and I will be fleshing out the site with pics of our current completed and in-progress projects.  Our goal is to provide info, insight and commentary on the hobby side of miniatures gaming.  We've seen tons of blogs out there that focus on the competition: List Building, Rules Lawyering, Tournament coverage.  But what about the other Half (some would say more) of the hobby?  Painting, Assembling, and Collecting?

That's what we're all about.

Does this mean that Hobby articles will be the only thing that you see on the site?  No.  Wallshammer still does the tournament scene.  He'll talk about it from time to time.  Me?  My more off-topic posts will likely be rants about the sad, sorry state of comic books, or some such non-sense.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and come back as often as we can post.

Oh, and I might post pictures of my wife's cats, just to drive Wallshammer nuts.