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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting the Ball Rolling

First up to bat, the army I'm most known for: My Biel-Tan Eldar.

Game-wise there's not much to this army.  It's one of every Aspect Warrior Squad, though 4 Squads of Dire Avengers for Troops, a Farseer and an Avatar.  When I scale the army up for Apocalypse games, I add a bunch of Skimmers.  But the main army is foot-based.  Which means nowadays it doesn't do very well on the table.

I've been playing for a very long time now, back before the 40k was known as a 'parking lot' game.  Meaning a time where the entire table wasn't littered with transports and tanks.  And while most of these models are their most current incarnations, my original Eldar army was all Rogue Trader era models.  However, I sold and traded the old models away to fund the new ones.

So here's a teaser, with the rest after the break:

You'll notice the head crest of each Dire Avenger unit are colored differently.  It was just a quick and dirty way of telling the squads apart.

If there's interest, I'll post pictures of the ten Skimmers that take the army to 4000 points.


  1. One other thing I forgot to mention: I'm planning on finally putting together a Light Box, and once I do, I'll be taking new photos of my Eldar (and my other armies) that will hopefully do the models a little more justice.

  2. More impressive is that your eldar army is actually designed to fit within Apocalypse datasheets with very little hangover! I am sure you'll expand more on which ones. Court of the Young King and more...

  3. Have just found this blog, these models are sweet, loving the paint jobs on them, Were (my family) are all quite new to 40k, so would love to see some details on how you painted these.

    Also just some quick feedback on the blog, any chance you can change the colour of the text in the sidebar, the grey is quite hard to see! other than that cool blog keep it up.

  4. Font color changed! And I'll probably do a tutorial on painting my High Elves, since my Eldar have been painted for a very long time now, and I don't have any in-progress shots of them.

  5. Oh, and thank-you for the feedback!