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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Welcome to Hobby At All Costs!

Over the next few days, Wallshammer and I will be fleshing out the site with pics of our current completed and in-progress projects.  Our goal is to provide info, insight and commentary on the hobby side of miniatures gaming.  We've seen tons of blogs out there that focus on the competition: List Building, Rules Lawyering, Tournament coverage.  But what about the other Half (some would say more) of the hobby?  Painting, Assembling, and Collecting?

That's what we're all about.

Does this mean that Hobby articles will be the only thing that you see on the site?  No.  Wallshammer still does the tournament scene.  He'll talk about it from time to time.  Me?  My more off-topic posts will likely be rants about the sad, sorry state of comic books, or some such non-sense.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and come back as often as we can post.

Oh, and I might post pictures of my wife's cats, just to drive Wallshammer nuts.

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