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Saturday, 20 August 2011

And you Thought I'd Never Build It!

BOOSH!  We have light box!

And you know what the sad thing is: It was way easier to make than I thought it'd be.  I'm a little sad now that I didn't make one earlier.  Though not that sad, because as I discovered, my minis in the light box expose all their flaws... *sigh*

Anyways, let me present to you my first minis recorded via light box methodology.  These are all the D&D minis I've worked on for the last several months (almost a year now!) for the campaign I'm running.  I'll thorw a little blurb at the bottom of each one to give you some background.

This is my most recently finished mini, for one of my players who's regular character accidentally ran head first into the elemental chaos and was incinerated.  He has just added a Goliath Runepriest to the game, and this is the mini he chose to use.

More after the break:

This is that same player's main (original) character.  He was a knight and a very important part of the story (he'd been possessed by an evil spirit, but the other players didn't know that).  When he died, he was half-naked, having fallen for a trap that stole all his gear.

This was a model I had painted for a D&D Encounters game I was going to play in.  However, I ended up having a really bad week with my neck, so I didn't go, and then just kind of 'forgot' about it.

Here is an NPC (non-player character) I ran for a while while the group was down a healer.  I named him Toblaeh Rettisybab (spell it backwards).  I'm not a big fan of running NPC's when I have a big group.

This was a model I painted for an old 3.5 D&D campaign I ran.  The model is actually from the Iron Kingdoms set from Privateer Press.  I ended up re-painting her as the original model for the above NPC, but then found the model I actually used, which wasn't wielding a weapon (just like the character).

This was an old Dwarf model I found for one of my players to use.  I normally encourage my players to find (and paint) their own minis, but no one in this group has any experience with either, so I found myself stepping in quite a bit.  He eventually found a better mini for his character, which you'll see below.

One of my players, the newest to D&D has gone through quite a lot of changes during the game, trying to find a place where she is most comfortable.  This mini was the second iteration of her character, a Warlord.  It didn't last long though, as she found she preferred Cleric.

I did this mini up quickly for my wife.  She wasn't very happy with the model, but there wasn't a lot of Elf Rogues at the store the day we went looking, and I thought this was the best of the bunch.  She later found a better mini and painted it herself.  It's below.

This was an alternate mini for our knight.  Early in his career, he was a sword-wielder, but switched to maces around level 8.  He found this new mini to cover the new weapon choice.

This was an alternate model for our mage, but never got used as Elves don't have beards.

This is our Dwarf Paladin's current model, and much more reflective of his attitude and abilities.  This model was a great find... honestly I'm a little jealous as this guy would look great in my Fantasy Dwarf army.

This was the first model our Cleric used, but wasn't quite right.  It actually did come with a mace, but it looked so weedy I cut it off.  I replaced it with a High Elf sword, and it worked a lot better visually.  However, she ended up using a morningstar so the model wasn't quite right.  I'm still working on her most current model.
Another alternate for our knight.  Originally he was a battle-rager, and this was supposed to be his 'rage-mode', but the build of battle rager got nerfed by errata, and switching his mini while he was surrounded by enemies (which was usually the case) was just a hassle.  So this model got side-lined.

When our knight died, my player was looking for something different to do.  He came up with the idea of a goliath barbarian, but it was too much like the knight he was playing before.  I suggested Runepriest, which is where he ended up going.  But he bought models for both.  And I loved this sculpt, so I painted it any ways.

This is actually my model, but it's the model our mage is using.  He did eventually buy an identical model, which I also painted up, but ended up sending the model to Israel to a friend for use in his game.  Look at me, I'm internationally known!

And last, but certainly not least, is my wife's rogue.  This is model she wanted to use from day one, but our local gaming store didn't have it, so she had to special order it.  Now I can't take any credit for this model, this is all her handiwork  She's quite good!

So there you have it, my new light box, the mins I've been working on (honestly, most of these were finished this week.  I had them kind of mostly done, but hadn't done their bases or finished the highlighting and stuff.  So I got it all done this week).  I'm probably going to go back upstairs and photo a bunch of my other finished stuff and post it up in the next few days.


  1. Tell your wife to clean her base! SHEESH!

  2. The Grey skinned guy with the axe, what model is that and where can I get it?