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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ork-astrating Ork-ageddon 1250pts in a month: Day 12 Skintastic!


So here is what I got done today.  Skin!  It was a hgue part of the army, really glad it's out of the way.  Radioactive orks FTW!   Really "simple" recipe: goblin green, wash thraka green, highlight goblin green, highlight scorpion green, highlight 1/2 scorpion 1/2 sunburst yellow.

Once I got that done I did the eyes on the nob and a layer of bleached bone on their teeth and on the deffkoptas.

Also?  Played a practice game today, our lists vs a very tailored Black Templar and Chaos Marine list.  How tailored?  2 Vindicators, gig unit of combat termies in a hurricane bolter land raider, chosen outflanking with 5 flamers, defiler, buncha meltas.  We still did really well.  Blew up a vindicator turn one, stunned the other.  My Nobz decimated the termies.  My warboss then went on a rampage after they died to tons of fire, killing all the chosen, the defiler and mopped up plague marines.   He is just so awesome.

Deff-rolla'd the land raider and the other vindicator to smithereens as well.

Go team Orks!  We're looking at getting another practice game in next week as well.  Might even have a majority of the army painted!


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