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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

This Is It! The Moment You've All Been Waiting For!

Okay fine, the moment I've been waiting for.

Project X is about to be unleashed on the world!

Here's the background:  About a week into the WAAAAGH off, and after an army change and a paint mishap, I figured out there was no way I was going to match Wallshammer model for model.  There was just no way.  What Wallshammer did is nothing short of godly.  However, I figured if I couldn't match him model for model, I would match him point for point.

Wait, did I say point for point?  I meant DOUBLE points for point!

More after the break:

Now, because of my tragic mishap with stripping, I'm short 150 points of truly doubling.  But I'll correct that shortly once I get some more models.  But what your seeing below is the sum total of all the ELDAR that I own.

That's right.  I did more Eldar.

I started with a new Farseer, since you can never have enough of them.

Then I added the centre of the army, a full-sized Wraithguard squad with a Spiritseer.

I then added some Jetbikes as my second troops choice.  The Shrieker jetbike is converted using the under-slung shuriken cannon from a Wave serpent.  The heads are all swapped with the new-style guardian heads.  And the banners are custom made from plasticard.

Then I added my Wraithlord as the centrepiece of the army.  Originally, there was going to be 2 Wraithlords, but the other one was the poor model that drowned in simple green.

I then had some extra Banshees, which I painted up.  I'm only using 5 in the list.  And truth told I only painted 4.  However to make up the difference, I painted an extra Dark Reaper (not in the list, or shown... yet)

And I finished the last with some Striking Scorpions.  Again, there were leftovers from my main army that hadn't been painted yet.  And again, I only painted 4 of them.  And again I'm only using 5 in the list.  And again I painted an extra model to make the difference.  He is below.  You'll see him.

So that took me to 1200 (1050 because of the missing Wraithlord) points.  So I needed another 1200 points.  Luckily, all the models I had left in the house equalled 1200 points.

So I finally did it.  I built and painted....


First, I added to my Avatar.  I painted the details on to his loincloth.  That's all free-hand baby!  And it doesn't show up as well as I'd like, but the bottom of the loincloth, where the Biel-Tan symbol is, is actually blackened from the flames.  I thought it was a very cool effect.

I then added the Phoenix Lords:

I should point out that Asurmen has been painted for a while now.  He was the only Phoenix Lord I had originally.  I also want to point out that the banner is hand-made from plasticard, and the entire thing is free-handed.

Fuegan is not sporting his original axe.  So I had to convert him up one using parts I had on hand.  It doesn't look the same as his normal axe, but I think it does the job nicely.

Avengers Assemble?

And finally, to make the difference in points, since Asurmen was already painted, I painted up Eldrad Ulthran.  He's my make-up model for the last Scorpion in the list, AND I'll be using him as my September painting requirement for the Tale of 40k Painters over on Warseer (since the rest of the Eldar I'm painting are on the other side of a mountain range...).  He's not in any list, I just wanted to paint him.

More freehand baby!

So there you have it... PROJECT X!  Maybe not as exciting as it could have been, but I'm really happy with the results (especially the Avatar's loincloth and the Jetbikes).  The army list probably isn't a very strong one, but that wasn't really what I was going for.

Here's a shot of the army list:

And here's a shot of everything I painted in these last two weeks:

I took a ton of photos of ALL my Eldar (including all my tanks finally).  I'll be posting those in the near future. Watch for them!

And finally, while I may have posted my finished work first, Wallshammer is CLEARLY the winner here.  No one, and I mean NO ONE can match what he accomplished this month.  My hat is off to you good sir!


  1. Your Eldar all look great but Asurmen's banner is particularly amazing. Wow! Really awesome work, I'd say PROJECT X is a big success.

  2. Thank-you very much! I know it's a little hard to see, because i'm working kind of dark with my colours, but there is vine-work free-handed on all the Wraithguard loincloths, the Wraithlord's lioncloth, and the canopies of the jetbikes. A lot of it is obscured by the rather extreme reflections I'm getting off my decals. I'm going to try to run down to the craft store tomorrow and find some more brush-on matte varnish. I does a great job of taking the shine off.

  3. i really love the striking scorpions im a huge fan of any thing assualty any tips on painting them ? plus the avatar is a FW one right? he looks sick !

  4. Sorry to regurgitate an old post but just came across this on a random Google search and wow...just wow.

    I have just got back into the hobby and am trying to achieve precisely the look you have gone for here. Can I ask how you managed the green/white colour scheme? On the wraithguard for example it looks so awesome!

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