Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The moment NO ONE has been waiting for!


Time for my orks to be unleashed as well.  Now, let's put a proper caveat out there.  I didn't use a lightbox and I'm not half the painter Green Feevah is.  Still, in person I am really, really happy with the way everything turned out.  More after the break.

This would be my warboss.  He has a couple defilers, a whole pile of marines and a few other bits and bob's on his trophy rack.  He seems to carry the heavy load in most every battle.  I still have to name this fellow!  He generally goes into battle with...

The Nobz!  Big Choppa, Kombi Scorcha, Waaagh Banner, Painboy (whom I apparently never took a picture of) and 4 regular boyz.  Of course, they aren't complete without a ride!

That's right... battlewagon with red paint and all.  Makes it go fastah~! you know.   This was actually fairly fun to paint and should be a good centerpiece for now... until the stompa!  Mwahahahahah!

An ork army wouldn't be an ork army without big mobz of boyz now would it!  This army has two 30 mans... and oh wait, there's my painboy in the middle playing Where's Waldo.  How did that happen?!  One has checkers and all the helmets.  The other has dags and all the baldies.

I suppose an Evil Sunz/Speed Freeks army needs some actual speed, eh?  Two units of three koptas, all with twin linked rokkits.  I had to admit, these are my favorite pics of all I took.  Weird how we both had jetbikes as our favorites.

And a pair of army shots, complete with admirers in the background!  Maybe one day I can get better pictures.  I hope to get some from the tournament this weekend as well, from the perspective of better photographers then I.  Oh, speaking of tournament... here's the final one, a complete army shot of both our forces together:

So, in the end I perhaps painted more, but Green Feevah painted better.  I call him the winner here.  Anyone can paint lots, not anyone can paint well.


  1. Bah! You sell yourself WAY too short. I'm still declaring you the winner. And I posted first so I get to call the winner.

    Your army looks awesome, and I still think you accomplished the greater feat here. Seriously, my 2250 points was less models than ONE of your squads.

  2. Ok. that is the coolest looking Warboss that I've ever seen. I love the Dreadnought CCW.

  3. Thanks man! I really appreciate the comment, especially from someone I don't know. Now... FOLLOW US! :)