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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Moar Picturez!!!

I took quite a lot of photos in the last couple of days.  Allow me to share them with you.

Almost all of my painted Eldar to date.  I say almost because my wife is generously donating her Harlequins to the army, and is in fact finishing painting them.  I'll post them in a separate entry later once she's finished to show off her mad paintin' skillz.

More after the break:

My tanks (you're welcome; get it?)

And them in formations:

Sunstorm Squadron

Cloudstrike Squadron:

Aspect Assault Wave:

A few more shots of my Aspect Warriors: (including that 5th Dark Reaper I talked about)

And that's just my Eldar!

I'll post up full pictures of my Orks, my Circle Orboros, and my Cygnar in a few days.

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