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Thursday, 4 August 2011


***PLEASE NOTE: This article was supposed to be published days ago, but the internet ate my homework.  I just recovered it, and some other posts I was going to make now.  I'll be releasing those over the coming days. ***

Well I still haven't gotten my light box assembled.  It's been side-tracked by my new gaming table (which is coming along nicely).  But I do have some more older pictures I can post.  This time it's Warmachine.

Warmachine is huge in my area right now.  Bigger than 40k and Fantasy combined.  The funny thing is, I've been painting and collecting Warmachine quite some time now, and have yet to play it anywhere other than mine or Wallshammer's houses.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't love the game itself, I do.  I really fond of the idea of set units, and smaller one at that.  I how the models are already WYSIWYG, no bits scavenging, no proxying, and certainly no using poorly-thought-out item upgrades and equipment that are a 'must-have'... at least until the next book comes along and that configuration is now the worst way to field them just so you have to buy more.  I love the tight rule-set where not a single unit in the game is absolutely worthless.  Of course there are some winners and losers on the power scale, but short of playing chess that's going to happen.

I feel the game is more tactical in the sense that you can't build an army that has won the game before the game has started, which I have to often be the case in 40k and Fantasy.  Don't take this as me slagging on those games, I still play them both and enjoy them, but I've never liked the aspect of army building being half of the game.  I also don't like how as a codex gets older, it become 'clear' that there is only one way to play that army.  That of course is a direct result of codex creep.  Privateer Press largely solved that problem by publishing all their rules at the same time, and publicly play-testing those rules beforehand (something I've said Games Workshop should have started doing YEARS ago).

Anyhow, you didn't come here to read me droning on endlessly about the difference between 40k and Warmachine.  You came here for pictures, and so you shall have them... after the break.  MWA HA HA HA!!

Just kidding, there's a sample above, the rest after the break:

So there you have it; a small sample of my Warmachine and Hordes minis.  And there will be more to come, if I ever get finished that light box...

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