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Monday, 5 September 2011

Mythacon 40k: Game 1 vs Orks and Dark Eldar

Our first game of the day looked to get off to a good start.  I was off in the bathroom when they announced tables so my partner Paul carried my stuff over to where we were assigned. 

I come back and lo and behold the double Ork army is on the ork themed table.  Across from us: Dark Eldar... and Orks?!  Four Ork armies there, three on the same table in the first game.  Shockingly, we consisted of most of the alien armies (except for the other orks and some eldar) so the marine players must have hated it.

The game was Dawn of War deployment (1HQ and 1 troop for each player).  The main mission was 4 objectives.  Secondary was kill points and having more then one unit capture an objective.

The other armies were as follows... and as best to my recollection:
Dark Eldar: Baron Sarthonyx, a huge unit of about 16 hellions with the claw that can pull out independent characters, 2 units of reaver jetbikes with blasters, 2 raiders with small units of double blaster trueborn and 2 ravagers.  Lots of high strength weapons and a TON of speed.

The Hellions were troops because of the Baron and as the tourney had a 1+ min for troops so it's all he really needed considering the ork army.  This unit pretty much wiped out 30 boyz in a turn.  They hit so hard and only had the triple dice run combat drug.   Plus, with Baron are crazy tough.

The ork player had some jetbikes with twin linked big shootas, the mandatory lootas, a trukk with a warboss and boyz and 2 bare deffrolla-wagons with boyz.   It was super well painted, really liked everything.

Loved the Ork terrain, so cool.

They castled up in their left (our right) corner, directly across from a bunch of my stuff.   Shoulda saw this coming.

The Baron.  Old school platform ftw.  Having a Shadowfield makes him a pain in the ass.  That is until my warboss breaks it with a pistol shot.

That crater was, I think, a looted wagon.

He had charged his wagon up, dumped out and killed my boyz.  I tank shocked the orks and blew up his battle wagon... and hit so hard that I wrecked my own wagon!  Nobz out.  Nobz kill.  And Warboss Klawgrob takes the Baron's head!

This other wagon was immobilized early but had grot riggers that we forgot about.  It actually made us lose as it fixed and got objectives to win the game.   Snikrot and his kommandoes were AWESOME here, taking out a ton of their backfield including their trukk, the boyz and warboss in it and the lootas.   You'll also notice my invincible nob hiding in cover.  He survived the entire game and even killed an ENTIRE unit of Reavers on his own, then went after a unit of trueborn on his own.   TOUGH~!

This was right before the super mad hyper speed dash to all the objectives the dark eldar and wagon of boyz did.  That outhouse is one of ours.  You can see our other above which we also used as a turn counter.

In the end they won the main objective but we got secondary on kill points.  Their win 20-4.  Ouch.  I guess we're going for the sports award!

The guys, Jeff and Dave, were out best opponents of the day by far and were on table 1 in the final round, so nearly won the entire thing!  I've met Jeff at several other tournaments.  He also has a killer tzeentch chaos marine army with a ton of conversions and painted the dark eldar Dave uses.

One game down, 2 to go.

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