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Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Nerve of Some People

So I'm very happy to say that our Blog is seeing more attention.  I'm very unhappy to say that it's because someone on Dakka Dakka is slagging Wallshammer.

First he takes pictures from our site, and doesn't properly acredit them.  That's fine, let's just assume he made a mistake.  But then he goes on to tell everyone at Dakka that Walls said some 'very mean things about him'.  Quoted from Wallshammer's article:

" I personally CANNOT stand this guy.  He goes to school in my city and is renowned in the scene as a douche."

Here's the thing:  I've dealt with this guy before as well.  And he said way more 'mean' and inflammatory things to both me and Wallshammer than anything above.  But he posts on Dakka Dakka to make himself look like the victim AFTER he steals our picture and mis-credits us for it.  And glazes over the fact that Walls complimented him on his painting (and does so again on Dakka).  My previous dealings with this guy can be summed up in one sentence, paraphrased from him to me: "You're wrong and you're stupid because my way is the only way to do things".  Which is the nicest way I can frame it.

We here at HAAC are all about painting and having fun.  I don't even do tournaments any more, exactly because of this back-stabbing, mud-slinging BS.  All I personally want to do is to paint, because it relaxes me, and play friendly, casual games with people I enjoy playing with.  And not only that, but we created this blog to share our joy of the hobby side of the game with others on the internet.  And now, thanks to this troll, people will turn away from our blog because Wallshammer is being set-up to look like the villain in all this.

I really hope that if you are coming from Dakka Dakka, that you look at more than just the article where Dakka poster Fafnir is called out on his poor behaviour (I'll also point out that Wallshammer never used his name, so until he went all 'pity me' on Dakka, no one would have even known.  AND if he'd bothered to take his own pictures instead of stealing ours, no one would have cared).  Look at our posts.  We just want to have fun painting and making cool stuff.  We don't spend our time slagging people for the sake of slagging people.  We're way too busy painting.

I'm hoping this is all I'll ever need to say about this.  I don't want to deal with this crap.


  1. Dont let it get to you. Dakka Dakka is well known for its drama queen enviroment. Always best to just let it be and move on.

  2. Interesting...

    I would not frequent Dakka and focus on your well established blog. The internet is a vast in infinite place with some people that shouldn't get the 'attention' they do.

    I'll be in a corner hiding... :P


  3. Thank-you for the encouragement. I honestly don't want to be involved at all. I'd rather just paint.

  4. Eh, it'll be what it'll be. I shouldn't have responded at all on there, honestly. I get goaded into that bullshit way too easy. But... I just don't like him!

  5. sounds like he is a loser and not a good sportsman or a true hobbyist as it is all about getting together and havin fun not bitchin and whining lol but i do understand this post as you had to explain the real deal to the dakka people who do not blog much .... nice blog btw !