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Friday, 16 September 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wallshammer and I have been planning.  Okay, it's more like scheming.  Plotting world domination.  Or our next big thing.

These pictures have nothing to do with the article.

Here's what we have come up with:

  1. The WAAAAAGH-off 2!
  2. The Battalion Box Challenge
  3. The One Thing a Week Challenge
  4. Tournament Challenge
Now let me explain them:

.... after the break.

1.  The WAAAAGH-off 2! would be a continuation of the original WAAAAGH! -off.  Wallshammer would be doing his 40k Orks, and I would be doing more Biel-Tan Eldar.  Maybe we should call this the Green-off?  This is likely going to happen regardless, as those are the armies we are doing for his local Escalation league.  But the Challenge idea would be painted up and pitting these forces against one another.

2. The Battalion Box Challenge.  This is blatantly stolen from the Warhammer Forum.  Essentially it is taking a single Battalion Box and making it go as far as you can.  You convert all your characters out of the box, you can use the sprues and the box itself for adding to the army, with the end goal as seeing how many points your can stretch out.  Likely candidates for this are Dwarfs, High Elves and Tomb Kings (we did the math and they come out the best), but you never know.  I don't know if we would finish off with a game against one another, as the points may differ drastically.

3. The One Thing At A Time Challenge.  This is actually an idea that Wallshammer and I have been kicking around for YEARS.  The idea behind this is to buy one box, or blister or whatever at a time for a brand-new army and fully paint it before adding the next unit.  Obviously this would be the most painterly of challenges, as the army wouldn't be field-able for weeks.  We'd start (in 40k) with an HQ and 2 troops, to have a legal army, then branch from there.  For Fantasy it'd be a hero or lord and 3 units, to be legal.  In Warmachine it would be the 2-player battlebox as a start.  Because of the variables, this one is a lot looser of a challenge.  I could do something like Grey knights while he does infantry Guard.  He paints one box of models = less than 100 points.  I paint one box of terminators = more than 300 points.  Then you have to factor in transports and whatnot.  So this one is complicated play-wise.  For painting though, it'd be a blast, as we wouldn't reveal what we were working on until the end of the time limit (say like every two weeks or whatever we decide on).  One idea I had was that we wouldn't reveal the armies to each other, and all of our posts would have all the details of what we were doing after the breaks on the posts,l and then be on the honour system not to peak at the other guy's posts.  That way you, the readers, could see what we were working on, but the painters wouldn't.  We would try to end the challenge at the same points level, and have a game where we reveal the armies to one another.

4. The Tournament Challenge.  Wallshammer has a local tournament coming up in November.  Both of us would mad-dash to paint up a full 2000 point list out of models we already have.  Some of it would already be painted. There are two possibilites for each of us.  I have built both a Dwarf and a High Elf list.  Wallshammer has built an all-cavalry Empire and Bretonnia lists. We have the easy versions, where the army is already half painted and just needs new units finished (High Elves and Empire) and we have the bigger projects (Bretonnia and Dwarfs) where almost none of it is painted.  The tournament is the second-last week of November, so this would be a straight-up deadline race.

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  1. Number 4 is almost a definite right now. I have an all cav empire army sitting on my desk for play testing on Wednesday. If it don't work out, I will go back to the drawing board for a more standard empire army like I've been having success with. I will still use it to get stuff painted: lore of beasts wizard and spearmen perhaps!

    I really like both the batallion and the One At a Time challenge. I did mention to Green Feevah earlier today about combining them. I doubt we'll just want to paint up a batallion and then quit. So, why not do one box at a time after that and add onto the existing army. We could keep the same secretive format even.

    I wonder if there's a way to block posts from certain people, like us blocking from each other?