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Sunday, 4 September 2011

While The Cat's away...

... the mice will paint terrain?

As I mentioned before, I've joined all of the Tale of groups on Warseer, one of them being the Tale of Terrain Painters.  What I did not realize at the time was that they were already halfway through the event.  So, because I'm almost obsessive about these kinds of things, I'm going to whip up extra terrain to make up the difference in months.  Which means 6 extra pieces.  I must be out of my mind.

My August challenge was the Moonscape craters, which is the bottom row.  My September challenge was the Blastscape craters, which is the top row.  They are both 100% finished, and I'm really happy with the results.  Honestly, I don't know why I didn't do them up earlier.

I'm much more inclined to used fully painted terrain over unpainted or half-painted terrain, so this opens up my options quite a bit.Though I must say, I like the earthen look of the Blastscape craters over the stark grey and white of the Moonscape craters.  Plus I no longer have a matching grey table (my last table was painted in a speckled grey and white for Cityfight terrain (which I still have).  I'm wondering if I shouldn't go back and 'earth up' the Moonscape craters, then just play all my games on the grass mat I have, rather than go look for a 'city' mat.  Though Zuzzy does make a really nice one...

I'm getting off topic.  My next plan is to paint up the 'Crashed Aquila' terrain that came with the 4th edition 40k starter set.  I've made some good progress on it, and hope to have it done by week's end.  Actually that's more or less my plan.  One terrain 'set' a week.

I still have:
  • 1 set of trees
  • 2 bastions
  • tons of Planetstrike barrier walls
  • 2 sets of Cities of Death resin 'walls'
  • Some force field markers for Apocalypse
  • 7 large pieces of cityfight terrain
  • 3 Fantasy buildings to finish (they are started at least)
  • A lot of repair work on my 3 finished tree bases (the damn leaves keep falling off... it's a poor design really.)
I've told myself I can finally start buying terrain again once I have everything I have now fully painted.  So it should be at least 6 months before that happens!  This is at least 15 weeks of work.  In fact, I think my reward for getting all of this done will be that Zuzzy mat I've been looking at.

One step at a time though.

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