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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

INSPIRATION!? And what's new in town...

You know what I like about this hobby?  Random inspiration.

And I think I have some.

I have an idea for a super duper secret project.  I think it would be awesome and really push all my skills to the limit.  BUT SO SECRET I CANNOT SHOW ANYONE UNTIL DONE!

Yes... THAT secret.

Stay tuned!

As for the rest of the news:

I shall be playtesting a Beastman list tonight a couple times.  I am going to try a minotaur bus and characters instead of the normal bestigors, beastlord combos.  Also: No Beast Banner, No Herdstone.  All the usual Beastmen crutches gone!   Doombull, Gorebull BSB, Lvl 3, Lvl 2, 39 Gors, 18 Ambushing Gors, 2x5 Ungor Raiders, 2 Razorgors, 2 Tuskgor Chariots, Razorgor Chariot, Cygor.   A whole bunch of units I've never used.  Never ambushed, never used the minos, cygor or razorgor chariot.  I expect I will be playing Ogres and Brettonians tonight.  Should be fun and I'll write up how things went later.

Still trying to figure out the list for marines I know will be both effective and fun and not require a ton more investment, in case I hate them in the end.  I currently own 2 drop pods, so thinking they'll be integrated and mean I will need 1 more.  It's not rhino rush, but it's close-ish.

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