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Friday, 23 March 2012

Another Project Rises From the Grave... And More Work on the White Lions

Here has been the results of the last few days of painting.

 I finished off the Vampire I was working on (I forget his name... he's one of the Von Carsteins.  I'll call him Chuck Von Carstein).  More or less happy with how he turned out.  I'm not totally jazzed about the blood on the sword, but I never really like how blood turns out on static models.  It just always seems so... painted on.

More after the break:

So here's Chuck's backside.  I love this cape.  I think he'll look really solid once I base him.

So more work on the White Lions too.  Got the next layer of golds done, a highlight on most of the blacks (over half the unit anyways), and brown on the pouches and straps.  I did the golds, then the straps, then the blacks, in case you're wondering i I have an attention span problem.

Oh, and this little guy.  He's still in the early stages, but I really liked the model so I had to try painting him.

I think that's my biggest problem with the Vampires right now.  So many amazing single models I'm just itching to paint, then 100 Zombies which I think are the worst models in the range.  I'm hoping the skeletons and Grave Guard will be nicer to paint.  I might start on them once the White Lions are done.  Which I should really concentrate on... but these Vampires are just so shiny....

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