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Thursday, 1 March 2012

OGRES! Pictures and some games.

Yeah, it's definitely hard to keep going on this blog.  You get working and forget about it.  I will try to keep this somewhat regular if I can.  So, inside we will see a couple pictures of what is done, and some talk about my first 2 games with these hulking boys.  Follow me inside!

You'll have to pardon the pictures, as usual.  I don't have a lightbox yet.  I really should get one.

First up is my Slaughtermaster, who shall be leading the force.  Pretty simple conversion.  I used Ogre Bull Parts for most of him, cutting off his left hand weapon and boring out the hand and then cutting off his right weapon and replacing it with a big club from an Irongut box.

In his left hand are some guts, after all, it IS gut magic!  It's simple green stuff painted red, washed red over, then I used some water effects and red paint to give it a bit of a glaze.  I wasn't fully happy yet so then used Tamiya red paint, used more for auto models and put in some watered down layers.  Added in some more red and purple washes and voila, a nice translucent effect.  The white on the face is gonna be the theme of my army.  Not sure of the tribe name, but want to do skull facepaint on everyone.  Like this guy...

Simple BSB.  Used an Irongut head and gut plate, Mournfang weapon.   Pretty plain, but it works in person I think.

I've also played two games thus far, both against warrior armies.  I used 2 different lists... well different in that they only had minor changes.

Game one I had the Lvl 4, my BSB, 8 Ogres w/ standard/muso, 8 Ironguts w/ standard of discipline and muso, 3 single sabertusks, 4 Maneaters (XHW, GW, 2 braces and banner of swiftness) who had Scout and Swiftstride, 3 units of 10 gnoblar trappers, a gorger and an ironblaster.   The VAST amount of chaff turned out to be pretty good, basically surrounding one warrior unit as I took care of the other.

Game 2 was a bit different dropping the gorger and a cat and taking a lvl 2 Firebelly.  I also made the general only lvl 3.   I am glad I am doing practice games as I forgot stomps and fear tests all game.   Still managed to pull out a win.

So, what did I learn?

-Sabertusks are AMAZING.  So fast, awesome redirectors and could even be thrown into combat.
-Never underestimate the power of charging gnoblars!  While this is mostly just joking, I twice charged them into flanks of ongoing combats and generated 3 combat resolution based on them alone!
-Lore of the Maw perfectly supplements Ogres.  Looking forward to see how they redo Athel Loren and other race specific lores now.
-Never, ever give up with Ogres.  In the second game I lost the ironguts and general, then lost a PILE of my bulls to a Pit of Shades and they still threw themselves into a fight and won.

I wrote this to take a break from painting the unit of bulls.  Back to them now!

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