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Sunday, 4 March 2012


Well my idea of finishing 3-4 models a day has more or less fallen apart.  However, I did get a bunch of stuff done, so that has to count for something.

First off, I finished my second Great Eagle:

If you look, you can see the other one in the background.

More after the break:

So I'm mostly putting down metals.  I'm nearly done, but it's grindy work and I'm stick super-sick, so it's not going fast.

I got the metals down and washed on the Dragon Princes:

And the Archmage.  Also I started on his magic swirlies.  It's just a wash of Leviathan Purple so far:

I got moving on these 4 yesterday, no real progress, but it does show what the metals look like after the armor wash:

And baser metals on 8 more:

Going to go back now and try to get more metals down on the lions.  I'll have another update tomorrow.

LATE NIGHT UPDATE:  I put silvers down on the last of the White Lions and gave all of them a wash of Armor Wash.

Now I'll let that dry and do a clean up pass of mithril silver on everything tomorrow.  Then metals are done (barring golds, but that's a later step) and I'll move on to blues.

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