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Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's next for HAAC?

Hi again!

So what's coming up in the immediate future for the writers at Hobby At All Costs?

Well now that we all live in the same city and play at the same club, it's an escalation league for 40k.   It's going to be a team concept with team captains.  They'll choose games as the weeks go on and each point gathered for their team will add up to bonuses for a final apocalypse game.

I am going to play Orks in the league.  It's going to give me a chance to finish some unpainted models.  I tend to use leagues more to get stuff painted then to smash face.  Here's my working list, the first month being 1250

Mega Armoured Warboss:  Squig, Bosspole, Cybork Body in with a Klaw Nob and his 9 boyz, all in a red paint job trukk

Another full trukk boyz squad

20 grots and 2 herders.

20 shoota boyz with 2 big shootas.

2 TL Rokkit Buggies (each their own unit of course)

A Looted Wagon with a Boom Gun

7 Lootas

11 Tankbustas in a battlewagon with a deffrolla

So four troops choices, and a whole ton of new units for me.   I will try to make sure and post pictures of progress as I go as well!  I've spent the night assembling the grots but leave tomorrow for a 2 week vacation.  Burning Man, hear I come.  FEAR ME, HIPPIES!

I am sure Green Feevah and Fear will not only post their esco league ideas (and perhaps tribulations in deciding) but also some thoughts on the tourney we just did.

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