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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Time to Clean House!

I've put my Space Wolves projects on hold, and decided to finish up all those projects I've started this year but haven't finished.

So far I've gotten some sand on the bases of my Eldar Storm Guardians... yesterday wasn't my most productive day.

My plans though, are to finish those Guardians (and another squad I had started, which I half finished yesterday, so yesterday wasn't all bad), grey highlights on the blacks of the Rangers, finish the last model on that first tactical squad, freehand the banner on the sergeant fro that squad, finish the terminators, come up with a basing scheme for the Blood Ravens,  maybe work on the other 2 Tactical Squads, Attack Bikes and Dreadnoguht that are all half started too, and finish the highlighting and chipping on the Dakkajet, fix up the Trollbloods (speaking of chipping, but not the good, painterly kind).

I'll try to post some progress pics later today.

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