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Monday, 5 November 2012

Noveldar, Day 4

Yeah, so much for daily postings, but I haven't been getting work done daily.  But I have gotten work done, so here I am a'postin'!

I started by trying to assembly line paint to catch up on the couple of days I lost, but I got tired of doing it halfway through.  Still it's a decent dent on the last two squads.

Then I went back to the fourth squad, which I'd actually started on Friday.  They are nearly done.  I'm halfway through the last highlight of grey on the blacks, then it's a general clean up on the blacks and a clean up of the whites, then gems and eye lenses and finished!

I'm very confident I'll have the 4th squad finished by tomorrow night, and then I'll probably go back to finishing the base blacks on the last two squads.

I still have 2 Warp Spiders, that second Wraithlord, 3 War Walkers, 4 Jetbikes, 2 Vypers, around 15 Harlequins, 5 Forgeworld Wave Serpents and 3 Night Spinners to go yet, so I'm not out of the woods yet.  But the infantry is largely done.

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