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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Smackdown in Santa Town mini battle report!

Smackdown in Santa Town has come and went in a blaze of Imperial Glory as the combined forces of Imperial Guard, Space Wolves and Grey Knights were able to outlast and destroy the ork horde.   Of course, when one GK unit is 1500 points...

We took video of the event and hope to have that up soon!

Come inside and see some pictures!

First up, a completely full ork deployment zone.  We pretty much had NO room for anything else.  A combined near 400 models will do that.  

Fear's army is a beauty.  He needs to completely finish it before he sells it.  Sells it you ask?  Why yes!   Interested?  Let us know!  He's discovered it's not really the casual play army he'd like.  If you'd like it, make an offer!   Still, wonderful looking stuff.   

Green Feevah's Thunderwolves and Thunderlord are another piece of beauty.  And really dangerous.

Richard's old guard are so, so awesome.  Just a mix of weird models from way back in the day.   I need to get a close up of some of them sometime.   He used this massive unit as conscripts and they actually did a TON of damage.

The ork battleline forms!  

And we get moving!  Koptas went way up there and pretty much the whole line pushed forwards recklessly. 7k a side on a Wednesday night is not a game for dynamic strategy.   We just charged!

A good shot of Doompickle's crazy battlewagon.   I really dig the line of Space Wolves.  Very poetic.

As we said, screw strategy!  Teleport into the middle of the enemy?  Sure!

Look at this rolling.  It was fear shooting at something.   Just... wow.   Yeah.

We continue to advance.   Theme of the night was guard staying back, Space Wolves charging up the flanks.  And it obviously worked.  Those Thunderwolves accounted for 3 30 man units and barely took any damage.

Oh yeah!  I love pictures like this.  Just full out action, guys everywhere, battles breaking out.  Splotches of solid color from the armies nice and visible.

Lone Wolves are awesome.  I think I may do a Space Wolf army in the future centered around them.

A big overview shot showing just how much stuff is on the field... and lots is dead at this point!

And a turn later...

The Space Wolves will not bow!  Even greatly diminished they stood their ground.   Notice only Ghaz remains from the giant meganobz squad.

Poor, poor Orks.  There was a lot on this side of the field at one point.   This is the end of the game really.

Like I said, it was a cracking time and I hope to get videos up here soon, once I figure out how to combine them into one.  They're a bit more descriptive.   Also, you can tell how tired we are getting by the end.  

This game was probably the last gaming day of the year for most guys.  I have a tourney coming up on the 29th.  Hopefully I can get some more pictures and vids from that for the blog!

Also should have some pretty huge news coming in the New Year.

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