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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Almost There!

I'm very excited (and a little bit sad) to say I have everything painted!  The only thing I need to do now is paint the bases, which are fully sanded and rocked and whatnot.  So that should be done today.

I was a little sad to be finished honestly.  I really enjoyed this project.  Though I've put a lot more on my plate, so I now have many projects to look forward to.

Speaking of which: I finished my craters last night, though I'm thinking about doing another round of browns in the centres of the craters, since they show up so dark in pictures.  Also, I'm trimming the plastic edging off them. Walls said I should keep them on for structure, but I was browsing painting threads on Warseer and a couple of other places, and several people had trimmed them, and they look much better in my opinion, so I'm trimming them.  I also put some base colours down on the Blastscape craters but those are barely started.  It was more that I had still had paint on my tray than anything else.

And lastly, another big congratulations to Walls hammer for getting all those Orks done.  WAAAAAAAAGH!

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