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Monday, 1 August 2011

Beastmen! Tournaments! Hooooooo!

Ah, the tournament scene.  You come here expecting all hobby and right off the bat, here I am talking about the game.


Regardless, the tournament is taking about most of my hobby time as I paint and convert up the army I am using from scratch.  It is a 1250 per player doubles fantasy tourney for those wondering.  My partner is a Beastmen player through and through and I have a love on for them... so started a small army!  I have a ton more still in box (don't we all though?) but for now am concentrating on my 1250 force, getting it all pretty.  The tournament, Mythacon, is in it's second year under that name, a veritable smorgasbord of roleplaying and table top gaming.  Check it out at  It's a really fantastic event.  Last year I played on the 40k say, doing a doubles daemons army.  We came in seventh and won best painted, so... awesome!   This year we are really thinking we can do even better in fantasy and bring the club home some more gold.  What are we taking?

Since we had two lists but the same army we took the natural approach and made one army, splitting it into two.  You should have good synergy and all bases covered.  Plus we only had to take one Battle Standard Bearer (the tourney uses the team rules from the BRB) whereas any team wtih different armies would be insane not to take one each.  There, points saved!  Onto the actual lists and discussion.

Team 1: My partner

Beastlord: General, Armour of Destiny, Shrieking Blade, Shield, Crown of Command
-This is the big cog in our wheel.  He will be the one providing the LD10 bubble for primal fury and holding the bestigors in place.  The Shrieking Blade seems weird, yes, but it's super cheap, forces the opponent to constantly roll LD checks in combat and is a magical weapon.

Wargor: BSB, Beastbanner, Heavy Armor, Gnarled Hide, Shield
-Another very important part of the army!  No ward save is a bit of a pain but we should be able to work around that.  Put in with the gor unit, he makes the rerolling Str3's into Str4.  It's a huge part of the battle plan.

40 Gors: Full Command, Extra Handweapons
-Lawnmower #1

25 Bestigors: Full Command, Standard of Discipline
-Lawnmower #2

2x1 Razorgors
-Missiles!  While we are still trying to get a firm grasp on using them, they make great little missiles to go after warmachines, small units, chariots, etc.  They're super tough, strong and fast.

Team 2: Me!

Great Bray Shaman: General, Lvl 4 Lore of Shadows, Extra Handweapon, Jagged Dagger, Talisman of Protection, Ironcurse Icon
-Right away you know the theme of my army!  My PD generating monster.  He's actually as good or better then the BSB in combat and each kill generates magic dice.  Shadows has much better utility then death or beasts.  Okkams, Miasma, etc.  He jumps in with the Gor unit and the BSB, becoming Str 5... and that's without Wyssans!

Bray Shaman: Lvl 2, Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll
-Scroll Caddy!  Plus a Wyssan's delivery system with an extra spell

Bray Shaman: Lvl 1, Lore of Beasts, Shard of the Herdstone
-And now you see the cog in this army.  The Herdstone.  PD generating machine!  This dude is here for Wyssans and to bring the rock.

3 Tuskgor Chariots
-In a day and age where big units "supposedly" rule the game, why chariots?  Because I put the "" around supposedly.  I still don't believe the true game balance is in giant units.  It's in overall balance.  Chariots impart speed and hitting power into my army and being narrow I can slam three of them into a unit and outright kill it at times.   They add flanks to combat rez, later charges, etc.  I can't state how much I love them.

28 Gors: Full Command, Extra Hand Weapon
-To fill up my core.  Seriously.  Kinda.  They're really an extra combat unit and seemingly easy to kill.  They are often used to lure a unit in, flee and strand them for the rest of our killers

10 Ungor Raiders
-The caster bunker!  They are skirmishers so harder to hit with shooting and have a tiny bit of shooting on their own.  They even once killed a single chaos warrior!

5 Harpies: Scout

5 Harpies: Scout
-Warmachine destroyers!  At first I thought Scout might be too many points, but after seeing it in action I disagree.  That extra placing upfield allows them to immediately get in the backfield.

So there you have it, our force of doom.   We have had some decent practice and look to get more as the September Long Weekend and Mythacon approach.  Perhaps it'll give me a reason to post some battle reports.  I'd definitely like to at the tournament but be forewarned.  We play really friendly, aren't hard asses and aren't claiming to be super generals.  Yes, we want to win the damn thing, but won't throw a table across the room if we lose.

Well... probably not.

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