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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ork-astrating Ork-ageddon 1250pts in a month: Day 5

So I now have even MORE motivation.  Apparently no one thinks I can get this done.  Yeah, its probably insane I even decided to do this, let alone start it, but still.  Really?  You're going to outright tell me, to my face, I won't get done.


I'll show you guys!

But seriously.  It IS a challenge.  That's just how I roll in the hobby.  I just get to point and laugh at everyone when I AM done 1250pts of orks in less then a month.

Now, on a more positive note... progress!

1.  Got more orks!  I needed more orks to finish off my list and got all but two of them today.  I am waiting on a Banner Nob and a Kombi Scorcha.  Green Feevah is helping me out with the Nob!   Another local guy has bitz for the scorcha.

2.  Got metals done quite a bit.  If you read Day 4, you'll see my recipe.  I am up to the wash on all of them now.   So yeah, I got some progress done on the painting.

3.  Started building the Battlewagon!

Day 6:  I will be putting the wash on the metals at the very least.  Hoping after that I can start all the cloth.  I am thinking a heavy drybrush of grey, wash black and blammo, done.  Also thinking of doing brown: Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Graveyard, Snakebite, wash brown to tie it in.   The black cloth idea goes way faster though.  Thoughts?

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  1. I personally am a fan of the black clothing, as it makes the skin pop, and it gives them (the orks) a more sinister, bad guy feel. When I started Orks way back when, I gave them red shirts (get it?) and it was certainly brighter on the table, but at the same time, it looked very cartoony.

    Perhaps take a look at what Doompickle is doing with his Orks and do something similar, to tie the two armies together?