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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ork-astrating Ork-ageddon 1250pts in a month: Day 15

More red.  Yup.  Exciting!  Just got blood red over all the mechrite red and a bit of black wash to fix up some spots on the koptas between reds and metals and reds over reds.

Sounds like nothing, but the red is ending up being a bigger task then the green!

I also played a game... and got promptly smashed by chaos marines at 1500.   I played with what I own: Warboss, unit of nobz in a wagon, unit of burnas in a trukk, 20 boyz in a wagon (both wagons had deffrollas), 2 units of 3 koptas and 30 boyz on foot.  I did it not to go out and beat the piss out of people but rather learn my numbers, learn what my units can do, etc.  As usual, the warboss carried the game for me, pretty much single handed killing a unit of possessed and a unit of berserkers.

I did learn lots of things:

1.  Start your koptas on the field.  The scout move is huge, they ARE toughness 5 and they're basically my only ranged anti tank at the moment.  I kept one unit in reserve and then never came on.
2.  I tend to get distracted by the "fun" of the orks and don't play in the tourney mindset.  I completely forgot he had 2 units of berserkers, ignored a rhino and charged into combat with terminators.  Then got counter charged by berserkers.  Then got wiped out.
3. You don't NEED to leave your vehicles.  I am SO not used to running open topped vehicles.  Need to remember I can stay in while deffrollin', shooting from the back.  They'll blow up the vehicle in THEIR shooting phases so after I get out I can then charge or hide in my turn.
4.  And most important and positive:  even in losing orks are fun as all hells!

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  1. I tend to run my Koptas solo (3 of them). I gain the ability to shoot at more targets, and I don't have to worry about losing the entire squad to a single wound. That leadership 7 can be crippling. I'm just saying it's something to watch out for as you go forward.