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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ork-astrating Ork-ageddon 1250pts in a month: Day 19: It's legal!

Well... I got all my stuff painted to a very good table stop, 3 color standard.  I have my vehicle painted.  I could actually play in a tournament right now.

HOWEVER... this does NOT mean I am done.  It's detail time!   I started on the battlewagon tonight with some checkers, some flames, a lightning bolt, etc.  Iyanden Darksun-yellow-highlight a bit with whites added.  Simple formula really.  Then when that's done I will go add battle damage here and there and blammo.  I expect tomorrow night it's done.  Then move onto the rest of the army, getting yellow on everyone to tie them in better.

I must say... this is pretty snazzy on the table top!  

How do I know this?  Why I played another practice game tonight, this time against foot heavy Tau and some kabalite styled Dark Eldar.  It did teach me some more things:

1) Orks aren't really an alpha strike army.  I must be patient, take the licks in the first couple turns and then just SMASHFACE~! once I am close enough to fight.  It looked DIRE in the first couple turns but once we came to grips with them, it was all over.  The kommandoes really help with this, coming in backfield and multi assaulting thanks to Snikrot.
2) Remember the Koptas!  They have twin linked rokkits.  They have hit and run.  They're nasty lil buggers against the right targets.  I do hate that they take dangerous terrain checks in assaults, but still...
3) Patience!
4) Keep the wagon protected to start the game, especially since you can NEVER bank on first turn.  The looted wagons should help with this.
5) We can bust vehicles like mad.  If they aren't land raiders, we're smashing them in close combat all the time.   Surround them and auto kill the passengers.
6) And finally:  Holy crap are orks fun.

So: 1 week exactly left to paint as I pack them up Thursday night next week before bed!

Also:  Must remember I am also doing Beastmen and to pack them!

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