Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Bits Start Rolling In

The big news here is that I got my replacement legs for the Strom Strider, so once I get a break in the weather to prime, it's full-steam ahead (get it?  Because it's a steampunk... nevermind)

Also my Eldar bits are slowly trickling in.  Once I get the army from Wallshammer it'll be go go go on them as well.

Between all this, the Tournament Challenge, and all the Tales of... Painters, I don't know how I'm going to fit in the One Thing At A Time Challlenge.

I'll think of something clever, I'm sure.


  1. Well I am sure the tourney challenge will start and finish before the One Thing at a Time challenge, so that's some relief for you. I was gonna say you could integrate some of the One Thing challenge into the Tale Of's but I follow all them so it'd ruin that a bit. Uh... good luck?

  2. Yeah with the league AND the fantasy tournament coming up in November, we're definitely going to have to put the One Thing A Week Challenge on hold, maybe until January or something.

    Looks like my weeks while you're on your Honeymoon will be busy, busy weeks!

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