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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

List try out time! All Mounted Empire! (warning: craziness inside)

So today I am going to try and list that will either work wonders or fail miserably.  As the title suggests, it's all mounted Empire.  Not Bretonnians, but rather knightly orders and pistoliers and such... and no warmachines!

 List and thoughts after the break...

Arch Lector: General, Barded Mount, Great Weapon, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Armor of Destiny.
*He'll go in my big unit of knights.  Rerolls plus the ability to fairly solidly go against powerful characters 1 on 1.   At LD9 he's definitely the anchor in the line.

Wizard Lord: Level 4, Horse, Dispel Scroll, Seed of Rebirth
*I am not really sure which Lore to take, so hopefully can see after a couple trials which is best.  I am thinking, at the moment, Life or Heavens.  He'll hide off with a fast cav unit, out of trouble.

Captain: BSB, Barded Mount, Crown of Command, Enchanted Shield
*The other important cog of the big knight bus.  He'll make them stubborn and add some fightiness.  Plus, you can't leave home without a BSB!

Captain: Pegasus, Lance, Pistol, Charmed Shield, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery
*My dirtiness!  He flies around, steals magic and harasses.  Plus he's pretty darn tough in his own rights, especially on a flank or rear charge.  He can take out most single flanking units and warmachines all on his own.

Warrior Priest: Barded Mount, Shield, Sword of Might, Ruby Ring of Ruin
*I had toyed with having a second wizard instead of the priest, but this one I can put in with the Inner Circle Knights for some extra kick.  And he practically is a level 1 fire mage with the ring.

15 Knights: Full Command, Standard of Discipline
*The Bus!  The standard gives a LD10 bubble around them, plus they're stubborn with the BSB.

10 Inner Circle Knights: Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
*The other hard unit.  These guys can effectively shut down any Hydra or Hellpit they face, plus are super tough on their own

5 Knights: Musician, Standard, Great Weapons
*My flanking unit.  I shall treat them as almost a detachment to the other units, swooping into flanks where needed.  They SHOULD hit really hard as well

5 Pistoliers: Musician
*My favorite Empire harassement unit.  Just a pain in the ass to deal with.  Very fast, can shoot, can flee and redirect.

5 Outriders
*That's right, no musician.  They're a "get into place and shoot" unit so if they're fleeing it's because they're in trouble anyways.  My caster will likely go here.

So no warmachines.  No big steadfast blocks.  No crossbows or guns.  A VERY different way of playing Empire then I normally do.   I am trying them out against Vampires and another army today (that army TBA). I will be sure to bring back reports of how they did, but since alot of my list is not painted, will not suffer pictures on you.  A battle report w/ pictures, with unpainted models is just the most silly thing ever anyways.

I have the tools to deal with things, just have to really play smart, get my charges right.  Deployment and the movement phase will be everything for me with this army.   I need to get the charges I want.  I expect that refused flanks shall be my friend here.  Make them have to swing over to me so I can isolate units.

News at 11.


  1. I can't imagine you'll have a very fun time against giant blocks of undead. But it still could work. I'll be interested to see the 'after' result of your gaming today.

  2. Well, I am thinking with combined charges I can't actually destroy an entire block in a go. We'll see!

    I am as positive this won't work as will work... but really, why not try something different for a change. You never know what'll happen and at the very worst I get my ass handed to me wholly and know better for next time.

    Taking a notepad with me and will try and make some notes.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm enthusiastic about this project. No one will see a full-mounted Empire list coming, and it should look great on the table.

  4. 2 games today! One against Vampires, one against a Nurgle heavy Warriors list. 2 wins! A complete massacre on the vampires after killing his general and huge grave guard unit and the second game was a minor win as the giant warrior unit just would NOT flee, no matter how bad they lost.

    Quick synopsis... list worked way better then I thought. Super resilient and the stubborn is hard to break. Life works super, super well with this list. Arch Lector was boss, killing Vlad in a challenge (even though he rezzed right after) and a Chaos Sorcerer.

    I did some changing as well. Took out the peg knight for a second wizard and re-arranged some magic items.

    Tired as heck, but will do a slightly more detailed report and my new list tomorrow night!