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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

One Thing a Week: Storm Strider, Part One

Well I'm still waiting on bits, but the deadline to get this done is looming closer, so I'm going to try to finish everything but the two legs pieces I'm missing, then do them up as soon as they arrive and assemble it all together.

This week's project is the largest piece: the top.  I've made good progress on the actual structure, and laid done a little colour on the pilots.  This is a much bigger project than I was thinking though, and I thought it was a big project!  The metals are more or less finished, once I get other areas finished I'll go back and do some touch-ups on them.  Just starting on all the 'lightning' parts.  Starting with a very, very light blue, then white, then wash with a very bright blue then clean-up... no problem right?

Actually I think the biggest challenge of this project will be the base.  I have some preliminary ideas, but I want it to be special because this is such a centrepiece model.  Hopefully I can polish off the top before week's end and get a head start on the base, which along with the legs is next's weeks project.

After that, I just have to have faith that 2 incredibly inefficient and bureaucratic institutions can communicate with each other and deliver my parts within the next 8 days.  What could possible go wrong?  *cries*


  1. Oh, I am quite sure it's gonna be a beast to finish, but just think how awesome it'll be when done!

  2. Yeah, I just hope my parts get here in time...