Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This is a Green Feevah free zone! Take your innoculations now!!


The rest of our readers, however, please enter as I am in dire need of input!  So begins (sort of) our next big project here on the forum.  I am hoping you folks can help me!

Seriously, this better not be Green Feevah!


So you all hopefully know, our next big blog project is a special "One Thing At A Time" challenge with the added hitch of it being secret from each other.  Of course, this is totally on an honour system so who knows how long it'll last!  Until curiousity gets the best of us... or I go to Mexico and it's eating at Feevah!

I need YOUR help, the faithful reader, to decide what to do.  I have lots of standard armies: Guard, Empire, etc.  This one I think will be a bit more off the wall, converted and themeatic.   I am not sure whether to do 40k or fantasy, so have a few selections from both.


Beauty and the Beast Chaos Warriors Army: This would be a Slaanesh heavy army with a monster contingent... hence the title.  Think bare chested warrior models using some bitz from Max Mini (, marauder bitz, etc.  Converted armored daemonettes as Chosen.  Sigvald probably as he fits in so wonderfully.  A weird floating floor with mirrors, pulled by creepy cherubs for a Warshrine.  The "beast" part would be Throgg and monsters.  Trolls (probably converted and not river trolls), Ogres, Forsaken, etc.  Creepy, evil, gross monsters.

Drow Elves: It's exactly what you think it is.  Dark Elves painted to look like Drow, using lizards and spiders for mounts and for heavy theme.  All unit champs would be female as would most of the characters.   This would be more "straight from the box" then my Warriors idea, but a fair amount of converting would still be needed to make it look right.  

Dwarves: Only I would use Mantic models.  So much cheaper to use the good troops like hammerers from it.   This is a bit of a longshot of doing, but an idea.  The most "meh" of all of them probably.

Romero zombie army: I really, really love zombies.  However, this army would be pitifully bad on a table top if done to theme (all zombies).  I am not sure how I could really incorporate the good units into an army like this without a big rethink.  Perhaps just a huge zombie horde (I am talking like 100-200) with supporting grave guard, bats, etc?


All Death Company:  An ENTIRE deathcompany force.  Astorath, Death Company Tycho, Death Company Dread... vehicles painted for them.  That's it.  It practically cannot win anything that isn't kill points but how awesome and fearful would this be?  And on the other side of the spectrum...

Descent of Angels:  Dante, Honour Guard, Sanguinary Guard.  Perhaps the Sanguinor.  MAYBE Assault marines.  That's it though.   The elite of their elite.

Kroot Mercenaries: This is a really tough one to do.  The new Tau book should be out soon enough and is heavily rumored to have options for all Kroot armies.  Or, I could use (in friendly games) Chapter Approved rules.  OR I could make them "counts as" using someone elses rules (probably Eldar or Dark Eldar).  I think it would look awesome though.

Imperial Armour Chaos/Renegade Lists: Though not technically legal in tournaments, I don't really care!  Either the Tyrant's Legion from the Badab War books or either Servants of Slaughter or Defenders of Vraks from IA 5/6 would be the choicest ones.   Lots of conversion work to be had in these lists and they'd look really unique on a table top.  Renegade Ogryns (using Minotaurs) and gun toting Beastmen would be just neat!

Space Wolves:  Can I get any more standard?   I'd love to do a true Loganwing using all wolf guard and lone wolves in terminator armour.  

You know... 40k is kinda boring.  :)

I'd love to hear your input on this.  Other suggestions?   Choices of the above?  This isn't for pure competitiveness AT ALL.  They'll likely be used in almost purely friendly games and if I want to take it to a tournament it's to show them off and win best painted.  I can always add the good tourney stuff after.

But please, chime in whether you are a regular contributor or not.  And this goes for local guys!  Please add suggestions in here even if you tell me.  Conversation should get others going as well and the more the merrier!


  1. Another army!!!! Who do you think you are,me? I personally would stay away from 40k as it is sorta meh atm but out of all those ides kroot mercenaries and Imperial guard chaos / renegade sound like something you would enjoy painting up.

    As for the fantasy my choice would be the slaanesh WoC army with your very cool converted chaos ogres and such. Close second would be the drow dark elves, the zombie idea would be funny to see on the table but probably not very practical with all the models you would need. Unless you did some really dynamic unit fillers and such.

  2. Yeah, I'm one crazy monkey. Of course I plan a major house cleaning army wise when I get back. Kijiji, Bartertown and eBay are gonna be inundated!