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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Was It Something I Said?

It got so quiet...

(These are some colour scheme test models I did for marines a while back)

I'm mostly kidding.  This is just a quick update, after the break:

  • I'm still plugging away at my Swordmasters.  Sadly they keep getting back-burnered for other projects.  Poor fellas.
  • The Orc project is still on hold as I work out the bugs in my painting scheme (so far all my attempts have been way too complicated for that many models)
  • The Storm Strider just got started.  Parts still haven't arrived yet.
  • I still haven't gotten any of my eBay bits, and I think I short-changed myself a piece in the bits.  But I would have likely not used that piece any ways and gone with magnets, so I don't think that is a big deal.
  • Most importantly, Wallshammer and I have been hashing out ideas for our next big project!
(An Elf, Dwarf and Night Goblin from my current Fantasy armies, as well as a 7th ed Night Goblin for a size comparison)

We gave a bit of a sampler of what we were thinking about last week, so let me update you on that:
  • We're both really keen on the 'One Thing At A Time' Challenge we were talking about.  We're still hammering out the details though.  The big thing, for us, is that we want to keep it a secret from one another, but still let our readers see what both of us are doing.  I suggested the honour system ,and just posting all of our pics and whatnot after the page break, but Walls thinks the temptation will be too great.
  • We briefly talked about combined the Battalion Box Challenge into the above challenge, but it sort of defeats the purpose of one thing at a time if we buy a bunch at a time.  I looks like the Battalion Box Challenge as it was though is dead.
  • The Tournament Challenge is still likely a go.  Walls is testing out his army list on Wednesday.  I might try to test out my Dwarf list next week, depending on how much I get done before I leave for the wedding .
  • And the WAAAAGH-off 2 is likely still going to happen, but likely not until the escalation league starts up, which has been pushed back to next year.  I will still be working on this in the background for the 40k Tales of.
(My Giant, who has 'eadbutted to death 2 Bloodthirsters now)

Regardless, Walls is getting married next weekend, then is off on his honeymoon for a few weeks.  Which means it'll just be me posting by my lonesome.  Just a head's up.

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