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Saturday, 17 September 2011

One Thing A Week Challenge Keeps On Rollin'

I just finished my pCaine for my weekly challenge.  I think he turned out really great.  It's weird because it took me a long time to get into painting this model, which I why I got such a late week start on it, but once I threw down my paint and saw the incredible details of this model, I couldn't put him down, and finished him in one session.

It's not the best picture, but I was late.  I'll do some better pictures if I ever see the sun again.  Vancouver seems to have remembered what city it is, and so it's pouring outside.

So my project for the next week and a half is to paint up as much of the Storm Strider as I can before I leave for the wedding.  I also still need to finish my Swordmasters and finish up a Bard model I'm doing for my D&D game.  I'm hoping to get a lot done tomorrow, because Sunday and Monday are gaming days, so no painting... or at least not much.  Who am I kidding?  I get my best painting done late at night.


  1. Make the wife drive and paint in the car like a real hobbyist!

  2. Ya know, I really like the poses on the PP models. They're mostly one piece models, but still. Quite active, I dig. Also, not a bad paint job, young jedi.

  3. This might be the most 'three-dimensional' model I've ever worked on. When I got the models in pieces I was a little baffled as to how it fit together, but once I figured that out I was impressed. My hat is off to the sculptor.