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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Green Feevah thinks this list is scary!

Moreso... I think it's awesome!   It's pretty wacky but totally an Evil Sunz army through and through!  See it after the break!

The list is all mobile, really fast and actually hits really hard.   It also damn near fills my FoC!

Wazdakka Gutsmek!  Duh!  The penultimate speed freak, plus he makes bikers troops!

Big Mek: KFF, Eavy Armor, Attack Squig, Cybork Body:  It's all vehicles, 4+ save FTW.  He jumps in with...

19 boyz: Nob w/ klaw and pole.  They ride in...

Battlewagon! Red Paint job, Deff rolla, grot rigger, 2 Big Shootas

6 Bikers: Klaw and Pole Nob

6 Bikers: Klaw and Pole Nob

12 Ard Boyz: Klaw/Pole Nob in a Trukk w/ Armour Plates, Red Paint Job, Wreckin' Ball

2 units of 12 boyz: Klaw/Pole Nob in trukks w/ red paint job, wreckin' balls

A unit of 2 Buggies w/ TL Rokkits and red paint jobs

A unit of 3 deffkoptas w/ TL Rokkits

8 Burnas in a Battlewagon: Zzzap Gun, Deffrolla, Red Paint Job


Fun times!  ZOOM ZOOM!


  1. Bah! I never said it was scary, I said it was awesome and I'd love to play with it or against it.

  2. You screamed in horror! I remember this! Or dreamed of corn. I can't remember which.