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Monday, 26 September 2011

My Giant List of Things to Do (UPDATED!)

 (Yes... I have a lot of unfinished projects.  So, I am like every other gamer in the world.  

Let's make a list of all of them and see if I can't use it as a checklist, or since I am getting married a "Honey-Do" list. 

Imperial Guard

In many ways I could consider this army finished.  I have most of it done.  MOST.  So, to finish:

Complete the camo and detailing to the Baneblade. 
Finish grass on a few bases and convert the swamp bases to the forest ones.
Finish the third Penal Legion (random necromunda models and the ilk)
Finish Stormtroopers.  I have at least 2 full squads with options for special weapons
Psyker Battle Squad.  I do have a few psykers, servo skulls and the like I was gonna do for this
Master of the Fleet
Primaris Psyker
Build my last 2 tanks and chimera still on sprue
Magnetize the griffons so I can use them as those or salamanders
Add markings for all the tanks for a proper armored company

So apparently I have way more then I thought.  Hmm...

Chaos Daemons

I have a LOT of this not done.  

First and foremost, magnetize the bases and make movement trays so I can use them in fantasy.
After that it's just a TON of models.  Keeper of Secrets, Great Unclean One, Lord of Change, bloodletters, daemonettes, screamers, flesh hounds, daemon princes, 3 more seekers, horrors, 2 Beasts
I also want to rebase the entire army mroe specifically to their marks
Build and convert up my fiends OF DOOM
Get Kairos :)


Well... basically everything?   I want to build the force up to 2k so finish a unit of ungor, more raiders, make a couple characters, increase the size of my current gor unit, get some harpies.


Sell them!  (just kidding... mostly?)
Nothing at all is done on them save one knight Green Feevah painted.  I really doubt I'll ever get around to them.  They are a pretty sizeable force though.   I am thinking of just stealing the pegasi for Storm of Magic and a Balthasar Gelt conversion.

Dark Eldar

Oh god, I have SO much Dark Eldar.  I am sure it would be a painters dream too.   Just not sure where this fits into the schedule.

Space Marines

Here is a project I WOULD like to fit in.  I think everyone needs to have a space marine army, it's practically a right of passage.    I have collected a ton of now OOP Silver Skull shoulder pads for them and have quite a few models.  It's just a matter of doing this.  If there was more time before our local escalation league I would do them.


Here is a project I AM going to do.

Finish building and painting the first trukk of what assuredly is many for my evil sunz force
Build up at least two more, if not from the kit then kitbash from bitz
Build about some buggies of various types
Get or convert up a deffrolla for my second battle wagon (and get a deffrolla for Spookymancer!)
Finish a unit of burnas
Convert up some flash gitz from the pile of bitz I acquired
Big Mek with KFF

I wrote my possible 2k list down in another post.  Check it out, I think it'll be fun.


Oh god...

So myself and Green Feevah have some wild delusion about doing a 9k or 10k, fully painted game at the end of 2012.  Before the world ends obviously.  I have about 3k painted right now.   That tells you just what I have left to finish: A LOT.  There'll be some crazy units in there too.  100 spearmen, horde of knights, wizard of every order.  Wackiness!

But, for some clarity, what is sitting on the shelf right now to be painted:

about 10 or so characters
60 spearmen
4 or 5 artillery pieces
40 handgunners
40 knights
35 swordsmen
15 flaggelants
40 free company
a dozen archers

Plus I have stuff on sprue I still may get to painting.  This game will take a lot of planning.  Probably do some neat scenario rules, army building rules, have some crazy units on the table you normally wouldn't have.

Throgg Army

I have the models.  I have a Throgg model from Gribbly Miniatures.  I have a ton of trolls and ogres and dragon ogres and giants... I just need to make the damned army sometime!  Every single model in the army is converted.  This should have been my...

Super Secret One Thing at a Time Army

Hell, I still gotta decide what I am doing!   If all goes right, this should be my opus.  Whatever I do, I plan on putting all my ability into it.  Sculpting, converting, painting, basing, all the best I can do.   I am sure the army itself will suck.  But it'll look awesome.  Maybe even take it to Armies on Parade or a local painting comp or even GD or something when done.


I almost forgot about this until reading Green Feevah's post!  I have both the 40k City and Fantasy sets of terrain and have to finish them.  They are almost wholly built, just need color.  I also have the Garden of Morr to finish painting.  Stupid terrain, I always forget about this!

And finally... clean up my damned hobby room!


  1. This is such a grerat idea, I had to do one too. Really puts things in perspective.

  2. Variety is the spice of life don't ya know! I am sure your not the only one with a massive list of unfinished projects. You just need to focus on one project at a time I think and get rid of some of your impulse buys. Good luck!