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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mythacon 40k: Game 2 vs Sisters of Battle and Blood Angels

Game two... and we remained on the same table.  At this point it wasn't random draws but rather you were assigned to tables depending on your points from the first game.  The team we faced had obviously scored about as well as we had and we were on table 5 of 7.  I really am not a fan at all of this system.  Knowing your standing really takes the wind out of your sails, especially on table 3.  Table 2, you win, you're on table 1.  Table 3, you need ties on the other tables ahead of you to really move to the top.

The game after the break!

As mentioned in the title our opponents were a Sisters of Battle army, using the codex rules (not the WD ones yet) and a Blood Angels army.  Shocking, despite 10567389757 Blood Angel armies being in this event, this was the only one we played.  Our Deathbridgians played 4 different Angel armies out of the 6 they played.

The sisters had a lone jump pack cannoness, 2 exorcists, 2 immolators with celestians, 2 rhinos with sisters.  The Blood Angels... sorry, "Flesh Tearers" had a jump pack Librarian, which is so Flesh Tearer like (sigh) 2 priests and 2 10 man assault squads.  He combat squaded 1 of them.  He had 4 missile devastators and a furioso in a drop pod.  I put pictures of his army up in the Army post, his being the one with the re-poses and weapons that were shooting.

The game was pitched battle deployment, as you can tell above.  We generally fill a 12" deployment zone no problem.   They went first, the sisters huddling in a corner, the baal predator off to another side and all his marines and dread deepstriking.   Main objective was table quarters.  Secondaries were killing all their troops, capturing the center of the table and capturing terrain.

Koptas move up, blamo, one rhino gone.  Sisters stranded.  

Of course, the drop pods lands perfectly right on target behind us.  He played the scatter wrong, going off some weird angle but I hate arguing so let him have it.  I figured he was dead meat in a second anyhow, having landed behind my battlewagon.

There WAS a looted wagon where that paper is.  There were no extra craters to be had.  I am really going to start bringing my own.   Sadly, this is where the game went from us killing them to a draw.  My warboss and nobz jumped out to get the dread and the drop pod and secure us the back half of the table.  Jumped in... and all died.  Ugh.

 I need to put powerfists on my koptas.

Snikrot jumps in... and apparently these sisters were trained by that dreadnaught.  The kommandoes bounced right off and all died.  Such bad rolling.  I can't believe we didn't get tabled at this point.

You can see his marines coming in here and being swarmed by orks everywhere they landed.   I literally had all 30 boyz in combat at one time.  So... many... dice.

Wow, what a weird photo edit.  More orks jumped in here and attacked all you see there and did quite well. If we killed the dread, we won the game with high secondaries.  As it ended, we didn't kill him.  The Cannoness flew to contest a quarter, the marines died and the dread stuck in.    So, it ended up in a straight 10-10 draw.   Table quarters has HORRIBLE.  I think 5 or 6 of the 7 tables had a draw in main points.  

I always like to go back and say "I wish I woulda..." and here it's more I wish our nobz and kommandoes weren't made of glass!  Winning those fights were huge for them and would have been game winners for us.   Last time I'll ever play that sisters book.

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