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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mythacon 40k: Game 3 vs Double Imperial Guard

There is always a certain army you see that you know is THAT army.  The army that's going to be the worst match up for yours.  Not just killing you easily, not just equipped to smash you, but you know, no matter what, no matter who's handling it, you're just not going to have super amounts of fun.   This was that game.

The game was Spearhead deployment, which is horrible for us as it puts our guys in a big pile.   Against guard.  With manticores.  So we actually reserved 2 big 30 mans and outflanked a unit of coptas.  The primary objective was victory points with kill points, 2 objectives and killing all the HQ's as secondarys.  The HQ's were hiding in vendettas, we just were NOT getting them.

The guard army is in pictures on the previous army on display post.  4 vendettas, master of ordnance, tons of chimeras, 3 or 4 or more melta vet squads, 2 plasma tanks (one had Pask) and a manticore.  He also had a platoon that he conga lined around the table edges to stop Snikrot from coming in.  Kinda douchey and I really hate that that tactic exists but it worked.  Just weird you'd bother playing so hard in game 3 on table 6.  Yes.  We went to table 6 somehow off a draw.

Look at that parking lot... and that's just a portion.  Oh, this was a married couple and the husband was actually involved in the military.

And here is our non mech... and soon to be few dead vehicles.

We put the lootas up in a  building where they were able to survive quite a bit, even if they ran away one time.

Oh look.  4 vendettas on the table and my wagon is dead turn 1.  Weird, eh?

In the shining moment of the game, Snikrot got on the table and started wrecking EVERYTHING!  Blew up a plasma tank, killed guard, broke the russ and Snikrot, alive and alove, went and got the Manticore.

My nobz took an unbelievable amount of firepower here.  3 vendettas full of melta vets.  I just went to ground and spread wounds around as good as possible.   Actually survived this and the warboss lived!

You see our reserves coming, so many orks spamming the table to kill the vets and hopefully take out the vendettas.   They didn't even bother with dice rolling and just removed models after we moved our in the assault phase.  Probably for the best.

End of the game, time to flee!   These two played REALLY hard for a final game on table 6.  They even argued about less then a 1/4 inch of movement (which I am quite sure we did right).  Was very, very strange.

So in the end, it wasn't nearly enough for us to win or even get many secondaries.  We got kill points and objecives, tis all, so a 20-8 loss.  Man alive did we do horrible in this tournament!   This is a game I would not replay.  I don't think we'd ever win with the same lists.

So there you are, 3 games down.  Look for a 40k wrap up coming in the next day or two.

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