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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mythacon Fantasy: The Armies

So Sunday brought upon us the fantasy half of the event.  I've heard the fantasy guys were a lot more laid back then the 40k players, which was mostly true.  This event was certainly more organized, but also TOO laid back if that makes any sense.  There was a too casual atmosphere that allowed stuff to happen that shouldn't have.  Case in point immediately after the break...

That, my friends, is apparently a War Altar.  Note the size of it.  Note the Arch Lector riding it and the unit beside it.  Notice the width of the movement tray, at least twice as big as normal.

Note how this should never, ever be allowed in a tourney.  A giant line of sight blocking, multi unit charging unbreakable machine.   I am not some big power gamer, but how this is allowed is beyond me.  Much like the Free Company block counting as halberdiers in the same team.  Oh well.

Here are a few more pictures of the army on their display board.  Two War Altars, lots and lots of shooting.  Steam Tank.  That War Altar just grates my nerves.  It was actually a fairly striking color scheme and this tandem won the Best Painted award.

This is the team we played game 2.  Yes, that's Throgg with 17 trolls.  The Throgg model was made by a Calgary company apparently.

Some Empire and High Elves.  A friend of mine thinks that Empire/High Elves would win a tourney pretty easy.  I don't think this is the build though.

Paul Ting, the gentlemen running the event, had to step in as a ringer and did so with his magnificent Beastmen army.  Super, super amazing paintjob.

These... are Chaos Dwarves.  Note my lack of enthusiasm.

And his Skaven partner!   Apparently this duo won the last Mythacon event.

The showstealer IMO.  While not the absolute best paintjob, this is a hilariously well done theme.  You'll see more of it and his partner, khorne daemons, in my game 1 write up.

A double Wood Elf army.  The players won the 40k tourney, so came to the fantasy tournament with a 40k army.  :)

This is the tournament winning duo... but apparently I missed taking pictures of his partner's dark elf army.  It had a big Cold One bus for his dreadlord which was pretty neat.

Apparently more pictures of the high elf/empire army.

Beastmen and Chaos Warriors.

Apparently I missed a bunch of armies as there was certainly a double chaos warrior army in the event as well.   Actually, that might be the only army I missed.

Onto game 1!

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  1. Some cool armies in there but that War Alter is ridiculous. I thought at first it was a big piece of scenery for their army display board... sheesh!