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Thursday, 8 September 2011

One Thing a Week, Progress Update and a Little Touch of Fail.

One Thing a Week Challenge finished early for this week:

More after the break:

I also threw in a couple of comparison shots with my old Warpwolf.  Plus this is model one of 4 for my Tale of Skirmish Painters Challenge.  Next week: pCaine!  (see below; it was supposed to be something else.)

Tale of 40k Painters:

I'm all done this one thanks to Ulthran.  But I've primed 5 Rangers, 2 Harlequins and have another Farseer sitting in the drink.  If I get everything else done this month, I'll work on these to assuage the guilt of getting a month's worth of painting done in a single night.

Tale of Fantasy Painters:

All I have let to do is the blues and the bases on my Swordmasters.  I realize only too late, that I didn't take any pictures of what I got done last night for my tutorial series.  I also realize I said in my tutorial that I was going to do the blues first, but I started working on gold on the Warpwolf and had paint left over, so just started on the Swordmasters.  Oops.  Sometimes these things just happen.  Any ways, with luck, I'll be done the blues tonight and the bases on the weekend.

Tale of Terrain Painters:

I'm technically finished for the month with my Blastscape craters, but I wanted to get more done to make up for lost time.  So I've been working on my Crashed Aquila.  And I'm getting close to done.  I need more craft paint paint though.  That's tomorrow's job.  Should be finished by Sunday night.

And finally, the little bit of fail.  One of our local stores is having a painting competition.  You buy a model at the store and enter it into the competition.  They also had a sale.  So I picked up a Storm Strider, because that thing is bad ass!  However, when I opened and started assembling it, I realized that instead of having 2 of each leg, I have 4 of one leg.  So I'm waiting on parts now.  Le Sigh.

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