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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mythacon Fantasy: Game 1 vs Daemons of Chaos/Orcs & Goblins

And thusly the tournament begun!  Instantly I could tell the atmosphere was different.   Very, very relaxed.

More Stad craziness after the break...

All the fantasy games were the basic Battleline mission.  The difference was that each team was given 5 secret objective cards.  You could only use one a game and once you used it, it was done.  It certainly added a different tactical thinking to a very basic mission.  As well, the terrain was done quite well and very themed.  We were on the "Orc Encampment".  Two folders were at each table, so both teams could look and see what each piece of terrain was, complete with pictures and rules.  Building occupancies were ruled out and every other piece of terrain was "mysterious" with the options rolled when occupied or approached within a certain distance.

We had pretty normal terrain actually, getting nothing special.  

We chose "rescue a prisoner" as our secret objective, putting him with a unit of furies.  Kill the unit and the guy is rescued!

Stad was playing Khorne daemons with some furies.  He was also the most hilarious dude ever.  Hell, the last place trophy is named the Stadie in his honor if that means anything.   Sweetman's army (amysrevenge on twitter and forums) had this crazy Christmas themed goblin army.  Not a single model didn't have green stuff.

Stad had 2 blocks of bloodletters, one with a BSB, one with Skulltaker, a unit of 4 Bloodcrushers and 2 units of Furies.   The goblin army had a Savage Orc shaman, 2 small gobbo casters, 20 archers, the mandatory Mangler Squig, a giant, a big squig herd on the flank and a huge ass unit of 50 goblins anchoring his line.

The game immediately started bad for us.  First spell, first turn... miscast on 3 dice, dimensional cascade, our whole herdstone bunker was gone.  

We ended up coralling their two main blocks between some impassable terrain and there we would remain locked all game.   We had used harpies and a razorgor to lure out the fanatics and kill the mangler.  The razorgor survived and got in, assassinating a goblin shaman.  Skulltaker, however, killed my Great Bray Shaman in a challenge.  I figured with the magic on the unit and what not I'd survive.  So wrong.  Three unsaved killing blows later...   

And that was how my dice went all game.

The two bloodcrushers WERE four.  I charged a unit of harpies and 2 chariots into them.  2d6 Impact hits... SNAKE EYES!  Ugh.  Thankfully I actually won combat and killed some, but then his giant charged in and we all died and were ran down.  Those furies are the one with the prisoner.

This unit of Bloodletters basically did the truffle shuffle all game, trying to get into the fight.   

Stad, overconfident, charged his crushers in, thinking he'd do damage here.  Wrong!  This unit then went on last turn to kill the furies.

As you can see we are doing quite well here, really whittling down units that are either daemons or steadfast.  That is until he cast foot of gork and I couldn't stop it.  And then he proceeded to stomp us 6 times and all our models you see were gone.

  His giant... after he got up from tripping over a fence.

In the end, after the Foot of Gork, they won pretty good.  It was a major victory for them, scoring double our victory points.   I think without the cascade or even just the Foot, we won this game.   My dice were as awful as they literally EVER have been with absolutely nothing going my way.  That said, I laughed a LOT in this game, both at myself and at Stad being a complete nutjob.  I would love to play either guy again for sure and might take a trip up to Calgary just to do so.

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