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Friday, 9 September 2011

Super-Quick update

Just letting everyone know that I finished the Crashed Aquila tonight, after a complete re-paint because Wallshammer is a meanie and was bugging me about the colour. BOO!  HISS!  It's too dark for pictures now, so I'll edit this post in the morning with pics.

Edit:  And here they are!

More after the break:

Also, no work on the High Elves tonight as I'm doing an experiment with my brushes to 'bring them back to life'. I'm using the Raise Dead ritual and having it cast by a 9th level cleric.  Okay, I'm actually just rubbing soap into the brushes to re-sharpen their points, but it needs to sit for 24 hours before I use the brushes again.  So I went with terrain where I could use bigger brushes.

Anyways, this opens me up for my next terrain piece.  Here are my choices:

  • Work on one of my three Fantasy buildings: the Chapel, the Tower or the Mansion (or whatever it's called)
  • 40k ruined walls (the resin kit they sold during the Cities of Death release; 2 sets of them)
  • My fourth tree base (doing this one as a dead wood, was thinking about trying to do some kind of spider webbing or something to make it looks spooky)
  • One of my 7 40k ruins
What do you think?


  1. It might just be an old wive's tale (old artist's tale?), but the theory is that you rub soap into the brush hairs, re-shape the brush in to the shape you want, and let the soap sit in the hairs for 24+ hours (I've heard 48, but I'm not that patient). Then you wash the soap out and BAM it's like the brush is brand new again.

    I want to try this as I have quite a few brushes that are just a little bit off. They aren't wrecked, but they have lost their point which slows down my painting. If this works I can save a fortune on brushes.

  2. Like hand soap or liquid soap?

    And you repainted it because I said it looked like a Dark Angel airplane? STILL DOES! MWAHAHAHAHA