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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Project Decision Conundrum!

The great Orkathon is over.  Tournament is gone and past (oh... crap... I should post game 3!).  Now... what do I do?  Well, have my wedding and honeymoon first I guess.  Wedding is only a couple weeks and a bit away and we leave right after.

But in the meantime and after...
So yes, I am basically having the same issue as Green Feevah.  What to do!   I have an absolute myriad of things I COULD do.

Let's just run down a list.

Orks:  We are doing a winter 40k escalation league here at the local gaming store.  1000-1500-2000.  I am going to play my orks and came up with a bammer-jammer of a final list that would be hilariously awesome to play I think.   I need to get and build a ton of stuff for though, even at the 1000pt level.  Yes, I know, I just painted 1200.  I am going for an Evil Sunz theme so need a few more things to fit in: wagons and trukks and stuff.

Daemons:  I know I can paint the crap out of this army.  However, in 40k I am losing interest in it.  There are only a couple lists that really, really work well.  One of them, Fatecrusher, completely wrecks the boring marine meta here so it's a possibility.  However, after talking with Green Feevah and a few local guys (Spookymancer being one, see him on twitter) I am thinking I shall keep them on round bases, but make movement trays to slot them into.  It'll take some fandangling and magnetizing but it's really the best of both worlds.  I'd also probably rebase everything as part of the process and make a few more units: fiends, get more bloodletters, some characters to lead the army (BSB and heralds)

Empire:  My most painted fantasy army by far.  I can play darn near, if not, 3000pts fully painted but still want to paint more.  I want to do a helblaster, a steam tank, a rocket battery.  Need to finish my hochland rifle engineer.  I want to make trays for all my warmachines.  Need to add more to my halberds to make them a viable unit and want to paint up a large unit (40-50) of spearmen just to have all the state troops.  I also want to finish some more mages to I have 1 of each lore.  I want to do a unit of Reikland Knights led by Kurt Helborg.  A mounted priest would be good.  I have an Elector Count model I'd like to doll up as my supreme general.  I have a few metal character models that'd be fun to finish up.  Wouldn't mind building a War Altar.   I have a ton of unpainted free company  I'd love to add some character, like halfling archers.   Like I said... lots!   I've also toyed with some Storm of Magic ideas.  Anyone who read the Sigmar books knows there were quite a few units that don't exist anymore.  Wildmen, Chariots, etc.  A Tomb King  pact might be the way to get these in.   

Hell, I wouldn't mind playing a 5, 6, 7 10(!!!) thousand point fully painted game sometime with my fantasy stuff.  Would be pretty epic! 

Wow... maybe I should just concentrate on Empire for fantasy.

What else do I have that I could potentially do?

Dark Eldar:  Like everyone, when they came out I went and got a ton.

Space Marines: I have a ton of Silver Skull shoulder pads and marines.  For a slip of time I had this notion of doing marines.  I think all wargamers do.

Beastmen:  I could/should expand this army more.

There we have it!  What does a guy do?