Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mythacon Fantasy: Game 3 vs Warriors of Chaos/Dark Elves

Hmmmm... familiar title, no?

Yes... it is the same combo as last time, however, the Warriors list is drastically different!  More after the break...

The third game was going to be a nice relaxed one as we faced 2 fellow clubmates from our home town.  We played on a really cool vampire themed table.  The big building in the middle was a haunted mansion, as was the graveyard you see at the bottom of the first picture.  At the top of the first picture is a sinister statue.  So yes, we got shot at all game by terrain!

The Dark Elf player had a fairly standard list.  Lots of crossbows, shades and a sacrificial dagger wielding lvl 4 Lore of Metal.   The Warriors player had a huge block of khorne flail marauders, a couple units of warriors, a single slaanesh (I think) caster, some horsemen and a warshrine.

Note the awesomely gory Battle Standard Bearer my partner made up.  My Great Bray Shaman and his big teeth make it look like he's just a snack hanging there for later.

Without going into a ton of detail we basically fought them on two sides.  The 3 pig chariots lined up side by side and triple charged the marauder horsemen, overran and hit the Cold One Chariot right after.   From there they and the Razorgor were able to run down the flank.  We just pulled the rest of their army into the funnel and ground them down.

This was just one of those games where everything went right.  Primal fury always worked, units stuck together, we got lots of impact hits, spells went off, we dispelled theirs.  Our dice were super hot and honestly, if they were like this all tourney, we woulda won hands down.

These two actually won best sportsmanship, so good on 'em!  Newer players the both of them are, patient even though they took massacres all three games.  The Dark Elf player is a keener.  He'll be dangerous once he figures out his list and adds some goodness to it.

In the end we got full points on a massacre plus secured our secret objective of getting a unit of at least 5 models into their deployment zone.   We actually got all ours there.

So there we are, my first ever fantasy tournament down and done.  Thoughts to come!


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