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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Taking suggestions and comments!

Hey hey there Blue Table Fans...

...wait, wrong show.

Seriously though, we'd love to hear feedback from ANY AND ALL visitors to the site.  We get a large amount of hits, but very few subscribers or comments.  We do understand this is a growing blog so don't get too hung up on that sort of thing.  Regardless, what would YOU like to see more?  Pictures?  Battle reports?  What sort of topics/op-eds should we discuss?  Tutorials and step by steps?  

Green Feevah and I would love to hear more from all the folks from around the world taking a second to stop by.  And we do truly appreciate even the brief visit!


  1. From a painters point of view I love seeing other peoples techniques and choice of colors and such. Perhaps some step by step pictures of your guys work would be interesting.

    just food for thought

  2. battle reports battle reports and more battle reports 40k ones if you'd be so kind
    .... dont get me wrong i love your painting and other stuff too im jus a bat rep junkie