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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

And Now For the Main Event!

So I posted yesterday about the One Thing A Week Challenge dying off.  I was thinking about it all day.  I need a new challenge.  Something big.  Dynamic.  Not High Elves.  And then it hit me.  My greatest challenge yet:

The How Much Can I Get Done before Wallshammer Gets Home Challenge!

And with that announcement I have this to say as a follow-up:


The rest of you, follow me after the break to learn more.

Welcome back.  So as I had posted when I got home, I've fallen out of love with the High Elves.  My luck with them is beyond horrible, I can't seem to set anything up, and I'm dragging my feet getting them done.  So I've decided to go in the opposite direction.  And in doing so, I've done something rather rash: I went out and bought a new army!

Awww yeah, there's nothing like a brand-new army.  Well half an army, I suppose.  I still have all my metal models to buy, and my original Lord choice was mis-labelled at the store and now I'm waiting for a replacement to be shipped to me.

What is this army you ask?  The one army I thought I'd never do: Lizardmen!

A long time gaming buddy of mine has always been a Lizardmen player, so I've never seriously looked at them, because I don't like stepping on other people's toes, but I ran into him recently and he told me he had quit Fantasy.  Which opened the door for me to give them a second look.

So I took the earnings from selling off a bunch of my excess models, and bought a battalion box, a box of Saurus Warriors, a box of Temple Guard, a Stegadon, and what I thought was a Slann Mage-Priest (it turned out to be Kroak, which is why I'm waiting for it to get shipped out).

So I've assembled 20 Saurus Warriors, and 6 Skinks so far, with another 6 Skinks to go in the morning.  If I get a break in the weather and can start spraying I'll spray them first to get a better sense of what I'm doing.  If it keeps raining, I guess I'll keep assembling.

Here's my painting idea: I'm going to use that Yellow Army Painter Spray.  Base them all Yellow.  Then I'll do the scales in either Red or Orange (haven't decided yet), and apply deneb stone on the horns and teeth and molten bronze on the metals.  After a quick dip in the soft shade, an overnight dry, and a blast from the Dullkote, I'll highlight the Yellows up to white, the Oranges or Reds up to a brighter colour, bleached bone and white on the horns and teeth, and gold and silvers on the metals.  Oh, and I'll be doing the shields in blues, probably a darker blue so I don't clash with the reds too much.

I'm not terribly optimistic that I'll get the entire army done in three weeks (especially with the weather we're having), but I want to see how much I can get done before Walls gets back from his Honeymoon.  Hence the challenge.

I'm really only up in the air about 2 things right now: Whether to do Orange or Red on the Scales and how to do the bases.  I'm leaning towards the Orange, just so it isn't as contrast-y, and doesn't take away too much from the yellow.  For the bases I was thinking of using the same basing kit that I used for the Orks (Parched Pasture from GF9) then adding the autumn basing material I've put on my High Elves and Circle minis. The autumn-y theme explains why the lizards have autumn-ish colours.  But I'm worried it'll bleached out the model too much.  I really want that yellow to stand out.  So my other idea is to do a more traditional jungle base, with lots of green foliage.

Plus I still need to pick up 5 blisters of Chameleon Skinks, 2 Salamander packs, another box of Saurus Warriors and a Skink Priest.

So for those of you who follow the blog, and know Wallshammer, don't tell him anything.  Half of this will be the surprise when he gets home.  Assuming he doesn't cheat and reads this blog entry.

And there you have it.  My big, fat idea.  This is going to be one heck of a ride.

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