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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The How Much Can I Get Done Before Wallshammer Gets Home Challenge Day 6 - A Turn Around

So firstly, I apologize for not reporting in for a few days.  Things got all hectic.  However, I have really good news.

I got back to work on my High Elves.  BIG TIME.  In the last 48+ hours I have painted all of my movement trays, am almost finished the bases on the Swordmasters, Silver Helms Chariots, Bolt Throwers and the Dragon Mage, Painted the bulk of the Dragon Mage (base colours really), and brought my Silver Helms back up to where they were before the infamous paint crash.

Now I know that seems a little strange, being almost finished basing most of the those minis when they aren't fully painted yet, but I have a logical reason.  Those white skirts that most of the Elves have are getting filthy when I paint the bases, so I figured rather than paint them, mess them up, then re-paint them, I'd just finish the bases, then go back and finish the model.  And so far I'm really happy with this idea.  Having the bases near completion is already giving the models a sense of accomplishment that I felt they were lacking before, which is encouraging me to keep painting.

I'll hopefully post some pictures later tonight, once the bases are actually finished.  Oh, and I haven't forgotten about my super-special-secret-no-Wallshammers-allowed project, but it is still on hold until I get caught up on my regular work.

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