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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Back in the Saddle, Day Eight and Nine Report

Well unfortunately, life is still getting in the way of progress.  So I've gotten next to nothing done in the last two days.  I'm hoping to turn that around tonight, but we'll see what happens.

I started putting flesh tones on the Dawrfs, but then ran out of Tallarn Flesh. Grrr...

More after the break:

So then I washed the red on 5 models with Devlan Mud, and washed the flesh with Ogryn Flesh, only to run out of Ogryn Flesh.  More Grrrr...

Past this photo, I put Blood Red on the one model, and put some metal on some Quarrellers.  Really I was just getting frustrated.  But I'll give it another go tonight and see what I can't get done.

Oh, and I have no pictures of the models I put metals on, because I decided shortly after doing that that I should pack them away and just focus on the models at hand.  And I cleaned the last mould lines off the last 10 Thunderers.  But it's been nearly typhoon weather here, so fat chance I'll get any priming done.  Maybe if I get really frustrated I'll sand their bases and clean mould lines off the shield Dwarfs I have left.

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