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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Back in the Saddle, Day One Report

So I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but not for lack of trying.  And I still did get a bunch done.  These Thunderers are actually painted from a days ago.  All I did was the metals and a wash on the metals.

See more after the break:

I primed all of the Phoenix Guard and my un-stripped Guardians white.  Then I started boring out the arm-holes on my Dwarfs, and that took most of the day, sadly.  I took a break from doing them to assemble my third Great Eagle (which is still the worst-to-assemble model in all of Warhammer) which took up a great deal of time.  Plus I tried to start assembling my White Lions, but the 'glue pen' I was working with was making that impossible.  I could fill this whole blog post with a rant about how crappy glue pens are.  Those stupid little push-in nubs that get stuck, the uneven flow of the glue, the fact that you can't put the glue into recesses since you need to push in that stupid, little nub.  Or try to push that nub against the non-recessed piece, which is almost always round.  But I digress.  Any ways, after finishing a single model, I went back to prepping Dwarfs.  I also sanded the bases on my last 4 Tharn Bloodtrackers.  Oh, and I put down some paint on the Phoenix Guard at the end of the night, but not a lot.  I was so tired I did the first three in the wrong colour (Boltgun Metal as opposed to Mithril Silver)

So not a big painting day, but I did get a lot of 'behind the scenes' work done yesterday.  My goal for today, regrettably is more of the same.  I'm planning on sanding the bases of every un-primed Dwarf left in my case, then priming the whole lot of them.  I am also hoping to get done cleaning the mould lines on the BfSP Dwarfs and the rest of the Great Weapons, though I found out I'm actually 9 Great Weapons short, so I'll have to come up with something clever.  Or just order more bits if I can find therm.

Also hopefully I can find the 'old' glue I was using, a more toothpaste-like tube that was really easy to work with, and get back to assembling both the White Lions/Dragon Princes (my last models to assemble) and to re-arm those Dwarfs (though I still have 37 Dwarfs to disarm; but I'm going to leave them until progress has been made on these ones, since those Dwarfs are fully painted)

Also, I will try to squeeze in a few more blog posts in the coming days.  More of my Space Marine tacticas, and the unfortunate outcome of angry cat meets Orcs and Goblins.

Beyond that, I'm looking at just painting like a mad man.  Trying to do more work on my Dwarfs and High Elves to hopefully complete 2000 points lists for each.  Currently I have 1500 points of Dwarfs painted, but most of that needs a re-fit, and 2400 points of High Elves painted, but with a lot of models I don't want to use.  I also need to green stuff the wings for both Great Eagles (you can see the horrid gaps in them in the pictures), and make some filler bases for my Warmachines (I just realized last week that an Engineer only allows a re-roll on the misfire table, not the misfire result on the artillery dice... not worth the 15 point upgrade.  But in a bigger game, I'd use them as characters, so it's still worth it to paint up the models)

Sort of speaking of which, I also need ot make display bases for my other warmachines.  I have 2 bolt throwers and and 2 cannons that are currently 'free'.  I might try a different method of making my display bases though, as the ones I made previously were rather labour-intensive.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more results from 'Back in the Saddle' as I post everything I got done today, which will hopefully be more than I did yesterday.

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