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Saturday, 19 November 2011

What Happens When You Cross A Cat with Orcs and Goblins?


That right there is over 7000 points of Orcs and Goblins air-drying after being PEED ON by my wife's f***ing cat.  I had them in a box, separated by type in plastic baggies, and the cat peed into the box, which was tucked under a shelf.  Which means the little bastard had to work to get his pee in there.

So I had to fill the tub, and dunk all of them to get the pee out.

I did have my revenge though.  Our cat likes to play in that same tub, and apparently forgot I had filled the tub.  So me and my wife are sitting downstairs, minding our own business, when we hear a VERY satisfying splash from upstairs.  The little bugger had jumped in to play in the tub, and got a face full of pee water.  Serves him right.

And I'm still calling out Walls.  You done been served, son.

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  1. Sunday night!

    I doubt it will be much of battle reports and painting and more a diatribe on Playing the Game vs Playing the System.

    Also, probably bitch about "Counts As" armies and what is actually Counts As and what's just a guy being a douchebag.