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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Big Update

Apparently lamenting about not getting anything done was a big motivator, because I got A LOT done afterwards.  I was a little scattered about what I was getting done, but every little bit helps.

These pictures are actually backwards of what I did this evening, but I was having weird camera problems, so rather than messing with things, I thought I'd just post.

So the LAST thing I got done was the banner for my Lion Chariot.  It's been sitting undone since well before I moved, and since I had dug out the chariot from my case to check the lion capes, I thought I might as well finish it.

More after the break:

I did both sides of the banner, so here is the second side:

Before that I was working on the blues.  As you'll see later, I started on the White Lions, but honestly, I got bored of doing all that blue.  So I still have one prince to finish:

But I did get a TON done on the lions.  A drybrush on the cloaks to bring the colour up, and the base blues on everything but the banner (I'm still deciding colours).

So there you have it.  A public self-shaming and viola!  Progress.

Goals for tomorrow: Bleached Bone on the axe hafts, skin tones and hopefully base black on the boots and gloves.  And I should probably finish the blues on the Dragon Princes.

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